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25NL - Turn line with 2p vs fish

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  • 25NL - Turn line with 2p vs fish

    UTG 24/2/1 (54), limps and we raise with A7o from CO He calls and donk flop. We have MP+overcard, I figure a call here is a good option. Folding could be too weak considering and raising does not accomplish much. Villain's range: A7,A5,Kx,99,88,77,66,55,44,87,86,76,75,65,FDs We make 2pair OTT and he bets into us again with that sizing it looks like he has something or he is using the A as a scare card to chase us from what he thinks we might have as a draw or a weak pair. At this point, I think he could have something like: QcJc, QcTc, JcTc (combo draws), A7/A5, 8c6c, 75, 77/55 Given that range we have 70% equity so raising for value does not seem as a bad idea. Or perhaps an alternative would be to call turn and shove OTR? What line would you take? and if you were to raise, how much would you do it?

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    Passive players sometimes keep betting small with pairs and Kx there and i cant see him betting with a draw on an ace let alone think his capable of repping a scare card. Then his bet sizing looks scary im not fist pumping with my 2 pair here im stacking off still but wouldn't be surprised if he actually had a big hand maybe even turned AK, ive never seen a passive player donk TPWK or TPTK so im unsure of what he has.


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      Ok so a passive guy limp calls from utg and then he starts betting heavily into us on a board that presumably hits our range very well (although i would not necessarily give him credit for thinking at this level)? I do not like that, not at all. A passive guy limp calling pre does not usually take this line with a FD I would say and he is still playing "only" 24% of hands so K7, K5 and 75 might not be in his range. And fishy villains like limp calling utg with small PP we all know that..

      It really looks to me like a flopped set or at least a hand that is value betting rather than semibluffing. The problem with flopped set here is that he can normally only have 4 combos of it - 3x 55 and 1x 77 which is too few to make me fold. As I said i do not like raising so I would probably just call down hoping he is value betting worse and somehow has one of those 2 pair hands that you are beating or is just randomly spazzing.

      I think that by calling we get a pretty accurate information about his hand. If he proceeds to bomb the river I might find a fold, especially when the FD completes and he still looks like he does not mind - when we call we represent a lot of FDs ourselves so he should be genuinely worried in case he does not have a FD himself. I also think that he is not going to bluff the river or value bet a weak 2 pair hand with a PSB. I might be wrong but that makes sense for me from his perspective.


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        I'd just call turn and hope for him to be sticking in more OTR. Raising turn looks so incredibly strong here even to a reacreational player. Let him barrel off to you, there aren't many rivers that are scary.

        He might also valuebet the same range of worse hands that he's calling a shove with plus some more which should make it better to call. You also save a lot in case he does have a set or gets there OTR (in which case you could potentially still find an exit).
        Live Trainer


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          Hi geo, Imho [... & seen this at 5NL [6 max]... Villain could be l/c UTG with premium hands AK, AA, KK or more likely small pp [as previously mentioned]. I agree it looks fishy, but it seems unlikely Villain would lead out with FD & suspect he has 55 & leads out because he thinks Ax hits your range... or he thinks your raising light. What was your stats? I would c OTT & re-evaluate OTR. Tony [aka Prodigy237] umbup:
          Last edited by Prodigy237; Tue Jul 30, 2013, 01:32 AM.


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            Thanks guys.



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