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2NL FR, 87 in CO, played correctly?

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  • 2NL FR, 87 in CO, played correctly?

    Hi! Villain is 73/38/Flop AF 4 (26 hands). Calling range from blinds K9o+. I'd like to know if I played this hand correctly. Cheers, DrJ

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    Although I'd sometimes open 87s in the cutoff, in this particular situation I'd actually fold pre, and there are a couple of reasons. All three players to your left are short-stacked, and this means that you don't have good implied odds for playing suited connectors. With a hand like 87s, you won't make a monster very often, so when you do, you need to be able to win a whole 100bb stack to make up for the times you miss. Another reason to fold here is that the BB is very loose. Since he'll be calling your steal very often, you need a hand that can out-flop him. For this, you need "big cards" that make good top pairs. 87s hardly ever makes top pair. You'd be better off with something like KT, QJ or A9, as these are ahead of villain's range so you'll be able to bet for value if you connect. If you do decide to try a steal with a weaker hand like 87s, I'd make a smaller open of 2.5bb (5c), which is my standard LP open when the blinds are short-stacked, as described in my blog here.

    As played, you go with 3bb and the loose aggressive villain calls. The flop is pretty wet with several straight draws. You made a pair, so may have the best hand. Villain has a high AF number but he doesn't donk out. This could mean he missed completely, or he's decided to trap. (Often very aggressive players will slowplay their big hands). You can go either way here, betting in order to try and take the pot down now, because your pair is vulnerable, or you can check behind with the aim of getting to showdown cheaply. Since villain's range connects with this board quite well, I think I prefer to check it back. Qx and Jx are already beating you and hands like KT/K9 have a lot of equity, so I doubt villain will fold very often. As played, you bet and he calls. The turn makes the board even wetter, putting out a flush draw and completing straights for KT and T8. Villain makes a weird play here, minbetting 2c into 25c. When someone check-calls the flop and then donks the turn, I'm often confused and find it hard to put them on a hand. I would fold if this was a larger bet, but I'm at least calling (if not raising) this tiny bet. You could be drawing dead, but you could also be ahead, and you have a gutshot to go with your pair. I would call and see what villain does on the river. With pot odds of more than 14 to 1, it's a mistake to fold a hand with equity. Villain is pricing you in to see the river, where you could improve, or see a showdown, which - even if you don't win - will give you valuable information on the way the opponent plays. (e.g. if he turns up with the nuts, then you'll know in future that he makes small bets with monster hands, so will be able to play correctly when facing similar action).

    Hope this helps!
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      Just my 2 cents

      78s is a good hand to play in lots of position. Arty said he would fold in this situation, I wouldn't. If everybody had short stack, as per Arty, we wouldn't be playing any The question is: are we playing poker or implied odds? I've said it often, numbers shouldn't dictate how you should play, they should only help.

      In this situation, I definitely would play my 78s for a few reason, I've got them covered, I'm in profit and they're loose players. If re-raised, I fold. On the flop, he checks and so would I. On the turn he donk bets a little 2 cents. Pot odds shouldn't dictate that it's automatic call, especially with a very wet board and 3 over cards that can beat us, but I would definitely call because it's a very very cheap price to see another card.

      If I don't better my hand on the river and he bets, it's a fold and if he checks, I would also check as he could be playing me.

      This way I would only lose 8 cents instead of 12 cents

      You need to take chances, but they need to be at a very low cost, you need to be able to fold anytime. Just numbers from a HUD, doesn't mean much if you don't have notes on the players. Take a look at some of the videos they have here, you'll see that the hand range for the CO is very wide, but you need to know how to play them and when to fold.

      Just a different way of seeing this hand and how I would play it


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        Tanks for the comments, both of you! Makes me see it a little clearer. Guess I should've called on the turn, given the tiny cost (even had the pot odds in my favour...). Think I got a little scared, cause I've lost a lot from reckless postflop play in the past. Really helps to analyze these situations, though




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