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5NL 6-max Zoom 99

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom 99

    Hi, villain is playing 17/11/0 and AF=1,5 over just 50 hands. What options I have here on the turn ? bet and check fold the river ? Or just check and call the turn to check fold the river ? Any thoughts ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp-boss,

    I'd bet this flop bigger, we are always getting called by Ax and PPs. OTT I might take a x/c line since now Ax and 66 make a straight and by betting we get folds from 77-88 basically the only hands that we beat. I think you bet to chase FDs but that's the smallest part of his range. x/f the turn could also be close.


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      That's a pretty sick runout. On the flop, there are lots of worse hands that can call, so I like a bigger bet (at least 75% of pot), like George said. On the turn, everything changes. Now there are very few worse hands that call. The only hands you beat are 88/77 and flush draws with suited kings, queens and jacks, of which there aren't many combos.
      The biggest problem is that you're either drawing dead vs Ax/66, or you're up against a range that has two overcards to your pair, and a flush draw to go with it. The drawing hands have about 39% equity against you, which is pretty amazing with only one card to come. Against villain's entire range (that got beyond the flop), you're smoked, with about 20% equity.
      I think I'd have to check the turn and probably fold to a bet. If villain checks behind, he may be taking a free card with a flush draw, so you might be able to get to showdown. There aren't many river cards that you can bet for value, however, as anything other than a 9 either improves villain, or scares him.
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