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5NL 6-max Zoom AKs

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AKs

    Hi, villain is playing 25/0/0 AF=4 over just 4 hands. The high AF was probably because a raise on the flop OOP (as said the HUD). If I called the flop raise should I call the blank turn as well ? Should I've fold the flop ? I mean I have TPTK but is a check raise on a dry board. And if I call the raise and call the T & R, I'm pretty sure that I'd be behind. Any thoughts ? Thanks umbup:

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    Given that you are at the top of your range I would also call the turn and re-evaluate action on different river cards. He could of course raise w/ specifically 65, but maybe he also valueraises some worse Kings (looking at his small sizes) or check/raise bluffs here from time to time w/ hands like A5/A2/76 or a hand that turns extra outs like a backdoor flushdraw etc.

    For me folding turn against someone unknown is a little too early especially given the small size of his turnbet.
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      I think when you get raised on a dry flop they have draws and air more than a value hand unless they just dont care what the board looks like.


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        Nitty in my opinion, I usually reraise flop but calling flop in order to keep his bluffs-semibluffs on the hand is also fine, I think you should call turn and possibly a brick river too.


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          Hi fp_boss, With limited info its difficult to put Villain on a range of hands, but given its 5NL [6 max] Zoom... I think he is likely to be playing a slightly wider range [than FR game] 33+, A4s+, KTs+, A8o+... & most at this level wont be concerned about playing OOP. It's not inconceivable that he would R with worse Kx hands eg. KQs, KJs, KTs or maybe playing 33, 44, but would discount premium hands as would probably RR PF. I would c OTT and poss x/c or R if Villain x OTR [... if FD misses]. Good luck at the tables. Tony [aka Prodigy237 umbup:
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            this is just my opinion but i think its a good fold. this is how my AK often goes to valuetown against a less concerned about the straight because fewer people play those but its certainly possible.



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