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5NL 6-max Zoom ATo SB

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom ATo SB

    Hi, villain is unkown. There's any point on betting the river here ? or a less variance line would be check and call ? I decided to check but I've seen a lot of players overplay TPNK Blind vs Blind. He had A9o Thanks umbup:

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    I find these hands harder to play than the rest because you don't know where you are in the hand there either drawing or wont be folding a A and i have never seen anyone raise AK either if i was in the BB i would call your flop and turn bet and bet half pot on the river knowing you likely have a weak ace and hope you would call.

    I would do that with AK AQ and sometimes AJ as from your angle im not sure whats the best line i might check/ bet/ bet or bet check bet, i don't like check the river OOP though.


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      Hi fp,

      Yes, I think there's a good point for betting the river here, to get value from worse aces.

      I expect his range to be continuing in this hand is largely Ax and a few flush draw combos, but there are more combos of A-x than flush draws here, so he's weighted towards those a bit imo. AJ-AK would have 3b pre or raised the flop or turn probably, so we don't have to be too worried about those. Likewise A4 and A3 would probably have raised flop or turn. So he's pretty heavy in aces with worse kicker here. Additionally, some of the flush draw combos have now made a pair, QhXh and JhXh. With no reads we don't know if he'll bet this stuff if checked to, bluff a busted draw, etc., but on balance I think we're more likely to get called by the worse 1 par hands than we are to induce bluffs from busted draws or thin value bets from the worse 1 pairs, so I think we should bet to extract value here. If villain raises the river we can fold imo, but I expect we get called and are good more often than not.
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        I also prefer a bet on the river for value but that depends on the villain.
        While it may seem like we value owning ourselves sometimes there, we usually save ourselves some money from two pairs, AK there, if we bet half pot.
        It also makes it easier to find a fold if we get raised, which is not true if we check and villain bets pot or overbets.



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