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2NL Full Ring Blind on Blind Battle

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  • 2NL Full Ring Blind on Blind Battle

    Had this hand in a Full Ring 2NL game.

    Player to my left in the big blind is one of the nittier players at the table, tight and very passive. This is the first time they have defended a blind against my raise in a heads up pot - so I suspected they had a strong hand.

    Their stats were 11/3 compared to my 20/18 for this session.

    Given that I could put them on some very strong hands and the flop is high cards, I am hoping they have hit two pairs, a set or a strong draw when I turn the 9 to make my straight. On the flop I bet my open ended straight draw and they reraised, but small and I called. - They could well suspect I am weaker as I have been the most active player over the fifty odd hands at this table.

    As I had TT - the least likely hands I put them on were Tx. But I am wondering if maybe the potential strong hands I suspected they could hold had too many outs to really give me as much equity as I thought I had - for instance if they had AJ of diamonds, AQ spades, JJ/KK/QQ/AA (they never 3-bet as far as I know!) or other such combinations they would have lots of equity and outs against my non nut made hand, even if I was ahead when we got the money in on the turn.

    So did I vastly overvalue my hand anyway? Even if they hadn't flopped the nut straight with the AT I had deemed most unlikely.

    Here is the hand.


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    Hi Ed,

    I'm not thrilled with c-betting this flop since we'll get called by all the hands beating us and fold out all the worse hands like small pocket pairs and ace-rag. Especially against a villain playing these stats, because he will not bet to bluff or put pressure on us, he'll simply play honestly relative to his hand strength.

    When he raises the c-bet, that's what he's doing, playing honestly. I would credit him with 2 pair+ here like all the time. Certainly with our straight outs I think calling .06 more is fine. even if he doesn't put any more in the pot when we make our hand, we're still getting 5-1. He will probably call a turn bet with 2 pair+ as well so I think his min-raise has effectively priced us in to correctly peel one here.

    On the turn I definitely like betting when we get there, since he'll check behind with 2 pairs. It's really bad news when he raises us though. He's raised the flop and now the turn on an otherwise very scary board. Our lead out here screams ten and he doesn't care. I think we should fold here tbh. It seems hard to lay down a straight, but then again:

    one of the nittier players at the table, tight and very passive.
    When this guy is still raising us, it's not so hard. We are always tied or beat now imo. There was .35c in the pot before the turn, and .57 after we bet, so if we are tied then continuing in the hand gets us back half of that current pot or .29c. To get that back we will have to put in another .36c right now and possibly $1 on the river, which is not a good risk reward ratio, $1.36 to get back .29c considering we are sometimes beat by AT right now, and sometimes tied but being freerolled (JdTd, Td9d).

    Reraising again, I think you see now why that's not a good thing... seems like you were ranging him way too loosely post flop... a tight, passive nits raising range on a scary board is basically the nuts and the nuts only, or very close to it.
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      I can offer little consolation Ed except that I would probably have done exactly the same thing.

      As the hand played out the little poker angel on my left said "This looks like A,10", while the little poker devil on my right said, "This guy is so tight that A10 is never in his range (except that it is!) and you have 2 of the tens anyway, stack him!"

      My advice is to trust your poker angel




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        I'd've stacked off here. As with the previous post I heard the whisper 'It could be A 10' but then I'd also have been telling myself that it could be Pocket Jacks. Yuk.


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          A tight, very passive nit is never raising the turn with even a set, because he's scared of the straight. He'll call with this set (and maybe call the river even when he doesn't fill), but not raise us.

          I know we're not sure that ATs is in his preflop range or not, but a guy with this profile is just never raising this board with anything less than a ten, and in fact now that I think more about it, never raising the flop with JTs/TT, and probably not having T9s in his preflop calling range... so that leaves only AT... what else can it be?

          We beat players like this by chipping away all the small and medium pots they just give up on, and not paying them off when they finally make the nuts. On a scary board like this with a 4 liner to a straight, and our line indicating we made a straight, he is just never raising with less. It stinks to make our hand and fold, but it's so important none the less to get away from these spots, and you really can let it go without wondering if you've been had... this guy's got it.
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