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NL 25 Zoom: How to play AKo in 4 bet pot vs potential maniac?

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  • NL 25 Zoom: How to play AKo in 4 bet pot vs potential maniac?

    Hi, only have 9 hands on villain, but I think they already say alot about him: He played 8 of thoose 9 hands and raised 6 of thoose preflop, he 3-bet 2 out of 4 opportunities and his few postflop stats seem to indicate that he plays very aggressive postlop too. That combined with the facts that he plays no full stack and I think he was one tabling, made me believe that he is an aggro fish even though I had only a few hands on him. the second villain who folded pre, seemed a bit fishy as well (only 13 hands on him). My plan was to call his shove pre obviously but he called and we get this pretty ugly flop. Against most player I think giving up here as I did is fine, but against this guy I am not to happy with my line. His range is still very unclear and I can have the best hand here a good amount of the time but probably wont get to showdown with taking a passive line. But since he seems to be aggro post as well, I did not like a bet/fold line either on this board. So I wonder if a bet around 6 dollars and call his possible shove might be the best line here. If we bet 6 Dollars we actually only have to call off 11 more dollars, so we would need 25% equity, which we actually have or almost have vs TT to QQ and we might be ahead against all kinds of drawing hands he might have.

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    Hi bald,

    Yeah, I don't like checking the flop as this guy will probably bet 100% of turns and we are folding the best hand a decent % of the time, which I'm not comfortable with. Nor am I comfortable with calling off for stacks with AK high.

    I actually think our 4b sizing is too small here. The sizing you used was fairly standard and is designed to give villains a room to make calling and 5-betting mistakes, but this isn't a standard villain and he doesn't need any help making mistakes it seems. So I think we can 4-bet larger for value, and he will still make calling and 5-betting errors where more solid villains wouldn't. I like $6.50-$7 in this spot. This also makes our post flop play a bit easier when he calls.
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