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5nl, KK, did i make a bad fold?

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  • 5nl, KK, did i make a bad fold?

    When he raised me on the flop i had a very bad feeling about my hand so i folded it, because i knew i would be playing for my whole stack The villian had these stats: VP 3, PR 1, 3bet 3, and cbet 100. I got 83 hands on him. If i would have done something i would have reraised him? I always had outs to the fullhouse. He ofcourse might have had a lower set, but i was afraid for AQ(s). This was on 5nl ZOOM btw.

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    I think you are right to follow your gut and be very cautious here. That said, considering stacks, the fact that you have top set, and having position I think I would call on the flop. You have outs on the turn, and any spade could slow down the action tremendously. If the turn is a blank and villain bets big I would then strongly consider folding.


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      What about TT and JJ or maybe he decided to get tricky with AA this time, I would like to know what people think of the size of his raise though.


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        I do not even believe that AQ is in this guys range given his stats. He c bets every time he plays as well so I think folding a set of Kings is too weak in this spot. I would probably even 3 bet his check re raise and be willing to play for stacks. I would say he probably has AK with outs to a gut shot and possibly the flush but I still cannot fold my set when I appear to be ahead.




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          Hi Delen,

          I think the super-nit is going to have AQs, TT, or JJ here virtually all the time. And like topthecat, I find AQs to even be uncertain. 83 hands is too small a sample to completely rule it out imo (he could normally run like 8/6 and just have been card dead for 83 hands), but certainly 3/1 casts doubt about him getting involved with even AQ. I think it's very safe to say he is always calling pre with TT-QQ though, and not check-raising with QQ.

          Given this read, my preference is to simply move him all in right now. Rocker is right that a bunch of turn cards slow the action, but that's really bad for us when we overset him, which I think is what's going on here most of the time. And I don't think he's capable of folding a set, so I prefer to get him in the middle immediately before he gets scared to put more money in (and if he's got AQ, we have the boat outs + a back door flush draw to suck out).

          NOTE: Regarding moving him all in now, KK and AQ are the only hands I think we can profitably do this with. I would snap fold AK in this spot.
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