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2NL 6max Zoom AQs MP vs SB 3bet and UTG raise call

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  • 2NL 6max Zoom AQs MP vs SB 3bet and UTG raise call

    No hud. No notes on villains. Board was wet. I repped the flush with my reraise all in on the turn. This is a good or bad donk move? Too aggro donk? What should I have done here? Just call and check fold the river? Please help me alleviate my mental retardation.
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    Hi ok,

    Preflop play is fine... I certainly like the initial flat call, and while I am not liking our hand strength vs. this 3b (although villain is unknown, he's 3-betting from out of position vs. an UTG open and UTG+1 flat so he should be strong here), the sizing of the 3b is too small in a 3 way pot and we have position in the hand, so I too would call here and proceed cautiously post flop.

    On the flop I really don't like our spot. I think we don't have the best hand a fair bit of the time in this spot as V2's range is likely very strong, and V4 is sticking around as well. I think we have enough hand to call the flop with top/top and back door draws, position, and closing the action, but without good news on the turn (either in the form of a good card for us, or villains slowing down) I'll be prepared to abandon ship.

    I think that good news arrives. It's a combination of both factors actually... the turn card gives us some improvement, and both villains show weakness (less than 1/4 pot bet and V4 only calls). Given that I think the action indicates we may well now have the best hand, the pot is already large, and there's a bunch of scary river cards that we won't know what to do with, I actually do like shoving here for value against AK, AJ, and the Kd. It's thin in that we can still be up against a set that doesn't like this board much or a straight or flush, but the turn was enough good news to go for it imo.

    Regarding your mental aspect as stated, the though process that you shoved to "rep the flush" is a mistake imo... it implies you are trying to get better hands to fold by repping the nuts or close to it, but with top 2 pair no better hand is ever folding here. The reason to shove is for value from worse hands (and if we think it's too thin and we can't get that value then we shouldn't shove).
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      thank you very much



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