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5NL 6-max Zoom 77

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom 77

    Hi, villain is playing 56/33/33 AF=0,8 over just 8 hands. Good ways to polay hands like this. Checking flop ? Continue betting the turn ? I had a ard time putting him on hands, but the river strong bet felt like I was only calling to catch bluffs. Tell me your thoughts overall. Thanks

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    Tricky spot its one of those where you can either bet and try and take the pot there and then if he calls give up or you check call and re evaluate the turn.

    I think ive seen in a few of your hands now where people keep floating you and you then check the turn i think you will find that if you bet a bit more on the flop people will be less likely to call because you are betting less than half pot here, the only time i bet small is when i have air and there is a chance of a scare card hitting i can bet say 2/3rds of the pot on the turn and take it down.


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      I agree with mike the cbet should be a little closer to half pot... I don't like the check call on the turn if you're willing to call off that amount i would rather be the aggressive and be the one putting the chips in as it adds to our fold equity... as played the river fold seem normal to me

      keep in mind when you check the turn you're no longer repping a strong pair, you're saying i'm play AK and missed


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        Hi fp,

        Ok so minimal read but seems to be loose and maybe a bit wild. His range is very wide here preflop on the button, and his flop call doesn't mean much. Could be an 8, 2, other pair, or some ace highs or high cards just floating you... players like this always look at an 822 rainbow flop and think "no way this hit him" (failing to consider the fact that you may have already had a pair preflop).

        I prefer to generally bet again on the turn for value here, as I think this player type will call again with worse pocket pairs, any draw he's picked up, and also with hands like AJ high.

        When we check, we are certainly only bluff catching... as played the river is probably a fold. As for ranging, it makes little sense that he would play an 8 this way, not raising the flop, then betting turn and river with 2nd pair. So hands beating us that make sense are (this guy probably has A2/K2s/23s in his range), Tx that peeled the flop, and back door flushes that peeled the flop and got there. Worse hands include busted straight draws that peeled the flop and missed, and random bluffs like Q7s. It doesn't seem likely there's enough of this showing up to make bluff catching him profitable.
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