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  • AK

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    How do you think i played this hand? I think its just as important to try and win these pots as it is with your monsters i dont want to give up on pots when villains show so much weakness. I figure the cut off had a weak pair or a draw and the bb was probably on a draw, i dont like raising the short if hes on a draw because i wont be able to get him to fold on later streets so i call. turn gets checked through and i expect the cutoff to keep betting weak with a pair, the river dont worry me what so ever so i figure i can get them to fold with a reasonable bet. Anyone agree or dis agree would be nice to hear any thoughts because this is the only way i can break even at the mo.

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    I don't like the check on the flop you're the active bettor here... you have 2 people in the pot playing if you figure one for a draw and the other weak then you really should be punishing them for drawing... against 2 players i'm betting 2/3 the pot to get them off their draws/punish for missing... if the draw hits so be it and let go of your hand... i think you're missing out on a lot of value...


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      Hmm ok thats fine thats normally my line heads up unless villains aggro as i dont want to have to fold a raise with my gut shot. Im not sure what line i prefer with two villains but i didnt put them on draws or a weak pair until i saw the bets on the flop and the turn confirmed what sort of range i put them on was pretty likely.

      My main concern was if the shorty had a draw i wouldn't be able to make him fold had i missed all my outs and he might of had some sort of weak pair that he folded to my river bet but i dont think he would fold if i kept firing.


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        I like the flop check I don't think you'll elicit many folds on this texture multiway, i think calling is fine too since we have a gutter to the nuts and it's decently likely our A or K is live too. Turn fine also. River bet is somewhat optimistic imho given I don't think villains are ever folding a J (maybe even an 8/worse?!) here generally this would be a spot where i'd be looking to realise my equity and just giving up when i don't (unless i had a decently strong read on them being extremely weak/tight). That said i think sizing is fine, we don't need to bet too much to fold out their draws/ weak pairs (if they're inclined to fold them)
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          I'm checking the flop too. This board is pretty wet and you have little fold equity, and you're in a bad position, both absolutely and relatively. Worst case scenario is you bet, the button calls and the BB check-raises, putting the squeeze on you. By checking you might get a free card, but you also gain relative position and see what both villains do before taking your action.
          When the button bets small and the BB calls, you have good odds to call with your two overs and gutshot to the nuts. It's hard to put the button on a range, as he could be betting small with a weak one pair, or he could be stabbing with total air.
          When the turn is checked around, it seems the latter is the case. The river completes a backdoor flush draw and an OESD for 97 (which had a gutter on the flop) but vilain will let you know if he hit something. I don't really see any point in making a stab now. You have "nut air", which will be good at showdown a fair proportion of the time. You're not getting called by worse and rarely folding out better, so it's kind of a pointless bet. Just check it down (or call a small bet by the button), and then take a note on exactly what the button was stabbing the flop with.
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            Just to add my 2 cents, I'd also check the flop. My first reaction is usually to cbet, but considering my position with 2 opps and a wet board, I prefer to check here. As played, I would sometimes take a stab on the river as you did (I would vary my bet size according to my reads) and sometimes I would check it down. If I have no reads, I would prefer as Arty stated, to check it down hoping to get to showdown and see the 2 villain's hole cards. This information is more valuable to me in the long run than risking chips for a grab at what might be dead money. Did you have any reads/stats on the villains?

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              I didn't have any reads i just knew they were bad players though by there stats cant remember exactly what they were now but i figured 20c on the river will fold out some better hands and seen as a flush hit in there mind i figured it was even more likely they folded.



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