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99 Weird Spot 2NL zoom

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  • 99 Weird Spot 2NL zoom

    Villian-6 is 14/12 reg (small sample 130 hands) - has called me down with A high recently Villian-5 40/30 - SS Raise call or fold? Results: To be Posted later for further discussion
    Last edited by PinoyWonder; Sun Jul 21, 2013, 01:23 PM.

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    Once villain 6 calls I would fold 99 here, even more so considering he is tight.

    Raising is out of the question imo and calling isn't great either since you dont get the odds to setmine and you will have to play oop vs a board which has overcards most likely.

    I might even fold Tens here, but would probably call with JJ.


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      Personally i think calling with any hand here is a mistake, if you flat something like JJ you're in for a world of hurt imo. You're basically set mining because once money starts going in you're rarely going to be ahead, we're not the aggressor and will not know what to do if overcards come. If the flop comes K/Q hi and dry, what's our play? If we hold an overpair on flop and villain's betting into us, we're obliged to call but not too happy about it. That said, it seems likely he might make a small 4B /w the top of his range to isolate shorty. I think flatting oop here with most hands is burning money but i could be wrong. If i have a hand I like (which for me is probably QQ+ vs this villain) I'm stacking off pre.

      99 fold def seems right, as almighty notes (tho HU vs shorty i'm calling ofc).
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        Hi PW,

        I agree with the other posters, I really hate our hand vs. the nits flatting range here... we can level ourselves into thinking it's a marginal hand and we're ahead since he knows the short stacked shover can be wide, but he also knows that we raised UTG, and can reraise big in an isolation attempt with all our real hands, so I think the nit rates to be mostly pretty strong here. He certainly might flat even aces or kings hoping to lure us into a big mistake, since he can't win any more money from the fish but he can double through us. Begrudgingly I think this is a fold.
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