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2NL 6-max AKs vs squeeze

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  • 2NL 6-max AKs vs squeeze

    Hi, the villain on BB is playing 18/13/6 over 200 hands and is playing 4 tables. SB is playing 16/6/0 over 33 hands. Fold, call or 4B ?

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    Hey fp_boss77

    There are two choices here, call and raise, which is to say folding is out of the picture. I don't mind either and I would default to putting in a four-bet here. I think its hard to go wrong either way.

    Pros of calling
    - we get the small blind to continue with their whole range pretty often, a range that is weak that we dominate
    - we get to see the flop in position with a suited hand against the BB's squeezing range (as opposed to a tigher range he will play v a four-bet)

    Pros of four-betting
    - never folding the best hand postflop
    - getting value from the BB's light squeezes when they fold or continue
    - inducing five-bets from a range you can profitably call
    - picking up the pot preflop often


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      I agree with Gareth. Folding AK pre only comes into play for me against super tight ranges... like if a villain is only on QQ+ or AKs, then stacking off 100+bbs pre against that range with AK isn't great.

      While this BB's 18/13 is somewhat nitty for 6-max, his 3b of 6% is not a nitty 3b %, and he's squeezing a steal position button open and fish's SB flat, so he can be expected to be easily wide enough for us to continue profitably here.
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        Definitely not folding never tryed 4 betting though i haven't had the opportunity alot so i dont know about that one, what i would like to know though if you call a 3bet and miss the flop completely or the flop has low cards what do you do when the raiser bets into you and what do you do when you get a bad flop that you cbet in a 4bet pot and get called by villain?


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          Thanks for the help, I think I'd rather 4B here. But I'd like to hear the trainer's thought on Mike's post. About postflop playing this hand. umbup:



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