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2NL ZOOM 9 ring. Had quads

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  • 2NL ZOOM 9 ring. Had quads

    I really wanted to know if i could have got more chips from villian. I could maybe got 1.25$ out if him. Villains stats: VP10, PR7, 3B0, CB100, Agression factor 4.0. (29 hands)Villian had Ace Diamonds, King Hearts Many thanks
    Last edited by klem70; Thu Jul 18, 2013, 08:02 PM.

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    Maybe you could get more value, If he had TT JJ QQ KK I don't think so, but if he had AK AQ AJ I think you could get more value by check/shoving turn or river.


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      yeah probably shoving on turn would be good if he had a ace or maybe a flushdraw he could had called


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        Hi klem,

        Yes, I think you slowplayed yourself out of a fair bit of value here.

        I generally like to lead or c/r the flop vs. a nit who raises UTG... his range is basically TT+, AK, AQs. That means there are 20 combos of unpaired cards and 30 combos of overpairs roughly in his flop range. Go ahead and get a c-bet out of AK/AQ, then raise it up to build the pot now against the big pairs as they will at least call, and sometimes rereaise and commit on the flop. We'd hate to check/call vs. a hand like JJ here and then have a Q, K, or maybe an ace roll off on the turn and kill our action.

        Definitely raise this turn. I actually like leading it better as TT-KK may check behind us but will typically call a bet. But once you check, his flop c-bet of half the pot followed by a big turn bet almost assures he's got AQs/AK, so while check-raising at this point looks super strong, I think we want to go for it now (that's part of the reason for leading or making your move earlier in the hand, not only can action killers come off but the later we wait to drop the hammer, the stronger it will look).

        I like that you led the river at least, as there's no guarantee a nit will bet AK for us on the end... he may well be scared and just show it down, but he will always call our bet with it.
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