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2NL Full Ring

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  • 2NL Full Ring

    Decided to open for a bet to blind steal since villians left to act seemed relatively tight (based on hand history of about 25 hands). Donk bet into the pot post flop, at the time putting villain on Ax, with the intention of folding if he raised. Decided to call his bet on the river since villain didn't bet on the turn and I was putting him on a high card. Any suggestions on how I should have played this hand instead?

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    Hi Tyrono,

    I think your thought process in this hand is some way off the mark. Firstly, 43s is in no way playable two seats off the button. The likelihood that all four players behind you all fold is vanishingly small, even if they are all nits. (The fact that villain called with 52s rather proves that he's not tight at all). It's basically an unplayable hand, except when you're on the button in a multiway pot with deep stacks.

    As played, your steal attempt was called by the BB and the flop came a two-tone T94, so you made bottom pair on a board hat connects with quite a lot of hands, but misses others entirely. If villain called in the blinds with suited Broadways or Axs, he usually missed this flop, so you're probably ahead, but villain will have decent equity if he calls. Your bet isn't a donkbet. A donkbet is a bet into the pre-flop raiser. You were the PFR, so this is a continuation bet. The reason to bet here isn't to get value from worse, however. You're trying to fold out hands with equity, so that you pick up the dead money. Your bet is therefore too small. 4c into 15c doesn't achieve its purpose. Villain will call with any pair or draw. Even two overcards has enough equity to call this bet.
    Villain calls and the turn is the J. This is a pretty bad card for you. If villain had overcards, he either just made top pair (AJ, KJ, QJ), the nut straight (KQ) or picked up an OESD (AQ). Just about anything that called on the flop here would also call the turn, so checking behind and trying to get to showdown cheaply is your only option. On the river, the 9 pairs the board and villain leads out. While this is somewhat of a good card to bluff, the reason for that is because he can definitely have a 9. Indeed, villain would play 9x, Tx, Jx and KQ exactly like this. He can bet with Tx or 9x for value, because he knows you don't have a jack, because you checked the turn. The only bluffs in villains range are missed flush draws and AQ. Everything else beats you. I would definitely fold to this bet. Hero-calling with bottom pair on a connected board like this is not going to be a good call in the long run.
    The part of your post that I most question is the line is "Decided to call his bet on the river since villain didn't bet on the turn". Why would villain bet the turn? It's standard for him to check to you there, whether he connected with the board or not, because he expects you to bet again. When you check behind on the turn, he will value-bet the river with all the hands he would have called or check-raised with on the turn.

    Hope this helps!

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