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2NL 6-max Zoom QQ

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  • 2NL 6-max Zoom QQ

    Hi, villain is unkown, but is playing just one table. I ranged him on many hands that i'd beat, so I raised AI. Any thoughts ? Thanks umbup:

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    This one comes down to combinatronics. Villain's most likely range for raising the flop is sets (99 and 66, as 33 probably doesn't call the pre-flop 3-bet) overpairs (JJ, TT, and the other QQ, as KK+ usually 4-bets pre) and possbily the NFD with AKhh. You're beating 12 combos of overpairs, losing to 6 combos of sets, and a slight dog to the NFD. Since you're a favourite against about twice as many combos as you're losing to, your equity is in the 60-65% range, so getting it in is fine. Here's the equity simulation: Board: ---- Equity Win Tie Hero 60.39% 58.01% 2.39% { } Vill 39.61% 37.22% 2.39% { QQ-99, 66, } There's also the general rule that: "In a 3-bet pot, 100bb deep, it's standard to stack off with TPTK or a big overpair". It's especially true once you've made a c-bet. You're pot committed and can't fold, unless villain is a super-nit that only gets it in with sets.
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      Yeah standard spot there.
      I imagine that he is playing that way TT+, A9, nut flush draw or flush draw with 2 overcaards.
      So yeap, we no fold QQ!


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        I hate these spots at 2NL Zoom. You wait an age for a decent hand and when you get it, your continuation bet is raised on a low flop with a flush draw.

        Mathematically, the shove to his raise is the correct play, but 90% of the time I find myself getting the money in as an underdog because they are never/rarely bluffing at 2NL.

        Fold and you are left with a stack of 1.90. It is very difficult to do and is read dependent as Arty says but to me it looks more +EV in the long run.





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