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NLHE playmoney 3h Kh board: K Q T 7 8

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  • NLHE playmoney 3h Kh board: K Q T 7 8

    no reads but the most players in playmoney are call-stations. was this the correct play?

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    I don't really like the pre-flop raise. K3s is not a strong hand, as your kicker is useless, and raising isn't going to fold out anything better, so you're just bloating the pot with a weak hand. You have the button, so just calling and seeing a flop cheaply in position makes more sense. The flop hits a lot of hands. You made top pair, but any ace has a gutshot and overcard, Jx has an OESD, and any two clubs have a flush draw. You can certainly get value from all these draws, but you can also already be losing, to better kings, two pairs, and maybe even a flopped straight. Betting 85 into 120 is fine. Only one player calls, so you see the turn. The completes the flush draw, so you could very well be drawing dead. I would check behind here for pot control. The problem with betting here is that if villain just has a weak hand like Ax or Qx with no club, he's not going to call, as this card is scary. If he has a flush, you're value-owning yourself. As played, you bet and villain calls. The doesn't change much, but could have given villain a backdoor straight or random two pairs. I can't see how anything worse than K3 ever calls on this super-wet board, so I would check behind on the river. If villain called with Qx or ace high, then he's not just a calling a station. He's an idiot.
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