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NLHE playmoney Qd As board: Jh 3s 3c Ad 7s

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  • NLHE playmoney Qd As board: Jh 3s 3c Ad 7s

    I was playing Zoom so I have no reads. the bet on the turn was a value bet and also on the river. Did I play the hand well and did I bet right?

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    Yes, you played this one nicely.

    You're on the button, which is advantageous, as you get to see what the other opponents do before you act on each street. I'd be a little concerned that someone is slowplaying a 3 in the multiway pot, but your plan should be quite simple: Bet for value when you think you're ahead, but fold if you get raised.
    When everyone checks the turn, it seems unlikely that anyone has an ace, but Jx is always calling. betting 100 into the 165 pot on the turn is fine. The pot on the river is 715, but a bet of less than half pot is appropriate, because the various villains' ranges are very weak. There are no flushes or straights on this board, so you're targeting worse one pair hands. 250 is a nice size. Two players looked you up. Their hands aren't shown, but I guess they called with random jacks and worse aces. I think you probably got maximum value here. Nice hand.
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      Thanks a lot!



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