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NLHE play money 10/20

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  • NLHE play money 10/20

    My read on the players was that they were limpers and call-stations. Did I play the hand well? did I bet well? My bets were big but I knew he would call. But the flop bet was to kill the draws.

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    Hi booy!

    I'd generally just fold 95 in the SB, as it's a trash hand that doesn't make money in the long run. Even with the half-price you get in the SB, it's a leak to call here, as acting first post-flop will make it difficult to make money even if you get really lucky and make a monster.
    As played, you called and the flop was a monotone Q92, so you made middle pair. There's some merit to taking a stab at this, as it's hard for anyone to call without a big diamond, or a strong made hand like TPTK or a set. I think your bet-size on the flop is too big. On a scary board like this, a half pot bet is quite sufficient to take it down. Anything bigger risks you getting value-owned as only better hands will call.
    You mentioned "killing the draws", but villains calling with draws is how we make money. If villain has a diamond, you should want him to call, because you're beating him. In this situation though, I'm betting as a bluff in order to collect the dead money.

    You're lucky enough to turn trips, so now you are betting for value, rather than as a dead money grab. You can bet close to pot if you think villain will call with Qx or a diamond draw. On the river, I'd generally use a smaller size, because villain won't call with missed draws, but might look you up with a pair. You bet close to pot and villain shoved. This looks a lot like a slowplayed flush to me, or possibly a full house. I'd usually fold here, because river raises usually represent the nuts, especially since you said villain is a calling station. Calling stations don't make big raises with weak hands. They don't bluff. As played you call, and villain shows a ridiculous Q5. At best, he should be calling there, because no worse hands are ever calling such a large bet.

    On the real money tables, you'd pretty much always be losing if you called this river raise, but this hand rather proves that playmoney villains make some crazy plays.

    Hope this helps!

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      I't helped a lot! I lost some money so thats why im playing play money for a while.
      I was wondering about something you said. I should want him to call his draw. but when do I then have to
      "kill the draws"? I did not want him to make a flush so i made a bet. I rather want to win the minium than lose the maximum.


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        Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
        I rather want to win the minium than lose the maximum.
        That's kind of the wrong way to look at it. Poker profit doesn't gome from winning pots per se. It comes from maximising our winnings and minimising our losses. As an example, if you wanted to win very often with AA, then you could open shove pre-flop. This would mean that everyone would fold very often, but you'd just win the blinds. There's much more value in making a normal raise, so that worse hands will call.
        The same applies post-flop. When we think we have the best hand, we bet the most that we think worse hands will call, but when we believe we are beat, we will fold. If you make bets of more than half pot, then every time a villain calls with a draw, he's making a mistake, because he doesn't have the immediate odds to do so. In the long run, we make a lot of money from villains making the mistake of calling with draws, because the draws don't hit anywhere near often enough for them to get their money back. And this leads to a further piece of advice: If you are making normal bets to get value from draws, then you shouldn't pay them off when they complete. e.g. If you're betting TPTK and you think a villain has a flush draw, you might bet the flop and turn, but then then river completes the flush. In that spot, you could make a smaller bet, and if villain raises (indicating he hit the flush) you can fold. Over the long run, villains calling with draws will be your main source of profit. The last thing you want them to do is fold. The straight/flush chasers are the guys that give you their money!

        P.S. I've never heard the phrase "kill the draws" before. And if anyone said that should be your aim, they are probably a losing player. "Getting value from draws" is what you should be trying to do.
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