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6max 2/4 Should I be x/r turn not leading

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  • 6max 2/4 Should I be x/r turn not leading


    Absolute beginner today after Dave's live training. I remembered the x/r idea to get more money in the pot.

    Flopped a boat so x/r flop but then I lead out on the turn.

    Should I check turn and hope to see a bet multi-way and then raise and repeat this tactic on the river?

    Felt I probably started ok then got it wrong.

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    i think you cant check the turn you just shown allot of agression and if you check they are probably scared to get raised i think you played the hand weel although i would have just donk bet the flop because there was not pre flop agressor. i'm intersted to hear what the othere people might say
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      Hi forrest,

      I would bet out directly on the flop. The idea from class for check-raising is when the probable bettor is to our left, to trap the field. They bet, pick up callers, then we c/r, and they will call 1 more bet after putting 1 in. Even if the villain 3-bets our c/r, players will have a harder time folding for 2 more bets cold after putting 1 in already on the current street. The problem in this hand is it's a limped pot, so we don't have a probable flop bettor and we really don't want this flop to get checked through, so here I think it's best to start the betting ourselves.

      We definitely do not want to check the turn... the players who showed aggression on the flop were players 2 (who has folded) and 6 (who has already checked the turn). The only player left to act after us is player 3 who has done nothing but call, so if we check there's a good chance the turn gets checked through. Player 6 who called the initial bet by player 2 then took the gloves off and 3b after we check-raised, is most likely to have the case 5 (he started out slow playing then reopened the action to build the pot after your c/r). If true then he's check/raising us on the turn since we capped the flop. So, bet, get the call from Player 3 who is most likely to be on a weak Q, then let P6 check/raise us and grow the pot more.
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        Thanks Dave, Trust me to get it the wrong way round. Like the 33 hand me limp calling. Welcome back from Vegas. umbup:


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          You are playing 0.02-0.04$ limit holdem, nobody gives you credit like ever.
          So just click the bet/raise button as much as you can and hope they will hit whatever they are trying to.
          But seriously leading is better because you will give a free card to pocket pairs higher than 5s, to hit a higher full house or some random runner runner stuff, which will cost you on the river.



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