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5NL zoom AA flop tough spot

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  • 5NL zoom AA flop tough spot

    hello I will post some hand I won the pot, but the result is not important. and I have some question 1. in this case, Is it play is +ev play? 2. if i wlll meet next donkbet in similar case what should I do?

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    With a flop like that I would call every time. Did you have any stats on the player? If not I would assume the villain calling your 3bet pre flop has a small range JJ+ or AK, you could add AQ or AJ but I would base that more on his previous play. Based on the flop the JJ is the the only hand that has you beat. There is a flush draw which he could be playing at but such a big bet again would suggest either JJ+ or top pair AJ. Based on the range we have put him on you are winning 78% of the time.

    If the board was different that would change the decision to call. The all-in normally suggests a monster from the villain. If I had KK in this spot its a much tougher spot, as its much more of a coin flip against JJ+ AK range but long term KK is also a call for me.
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      Notes and stats on villain would help. Some players would only ever check-raise all in here with top set. (33 and 22 probably fold to the 3-bet pre-flop).

      Against an uknown, this is a +EV call. There are literally only 3 combos of JJ that are beating you, but you're beating 6 combos each of all other pocket pairs, and you're ahead of all flush draws.

      If you had QQ, by contrast, it would be a tough decision, as that's only beating 77-TT, and flipping with overcards that have the flush draw. Having said that, after your c-bet, the pot lays a pretty good price on a call, so stacking off would generally be profitable with any overpair. Indeed, the general rule of thumb is that - in 3-bet pots, 100bb deep - you should always stack off with TPTK or a big overpair, as you're pot-committed and have the right amount of equity to call, particularly as villains at these stakes will stack off with much worse than top pair.
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