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25NL - The cbet vs check back flop dilema

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  • 25NL - The cbet vs check back flop dilema

    I'm not too happy with how I played this hand, because I did not know where I was at during the hand probably because of my flop check back. V1 38/21/2 (94) 3bet 5% V3 25/17/3 (236) 3bet 2% We open UTG with JJ and we are 3 way to the flop: 7KTr looking at the board and our hand, it's K high, rainbow, and little straight draws given that we block QJ, AJ and AQ/98 have 2 outs to a J - So I decided to check thinking that by betting we are never folding better or called by worse and I'm not too worried about getting outdrawn. I was planning on c/c-ing if V1 bets and V3 folds What do you think of the flop check? Should we always be betting because we are 3way and not HU? and to get value from the 16 combos of draws? So it got checked through and the turn brings the Jc which gives us a set but also puts two straights on board with 98 and AQ. V3 leads out with a pot sized bet. Against a range of { TT, 77, AQs-AJs, KJs+, 98s, AQo-AJo, KJo+ } we are 60% favorite - Would you call or raise? If we raise, what do we do if it gets re-raised given stack sizes?

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    The villains have considerably wide pre-flop calling ranges judging by their stats and the situation. That, you opening UTG, and holding a made hand vulnerable to A or Q makes me think that c-betting would be reasonable. I don't know what your table image was like at the time, but if villains viewed you as a TAG then they will have a hard time calling multiple streets of betting even with a weak pair of K's.

    If you c-bet the flop and spiked your J on the turn I would probably barrel again making sure to continue to get value against much of BB's range. Facing a check-raise I suppose I'd call and hope to improve on the river.



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