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2nl Zoom 6max - How to best exploit mistake?

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  • 2nl Zoom 6max - How to best exploit mistake?

    Encountered an uncommon (for me) situation while I was warming up with some 2nl Zoom just now. Preflop raiser makes a major sizing mistake on the flop, how do I best exploit it? 1-seat is loose passive (52/10 over 30 hands), 3-seat is unknown, 6-seat is suspected TAG (17/14 over 40 hands). The small raise preflop makes me think he's a fish with a range containing something like JJ+, AQ+. My read based on the huge flop bet is that very seldom any kind of straight draw, mostly QQ+ or AK. KK is slightly less common in my mind based on the flop bet, but certainly a possibility. Had the preflop raise been larger, I'd say it might be a standard Russian LAG play, but the min raise preflop makes this pretty polarized in my opinion. Let's just start with the fact that I'm never folding here and get that out of the way. Ideally I'd want at least one of the 6-seat and 1-seat to stay in, but I'm thinking it's not very likely here (granted, it's 2nl, anything can happen, heh), so I'm focusing on the best play towards the 3-seat. Calling isn't really an option in my mind here, would I really just call with the plan then being to to get in in on any turn other than an A, Q or J? Doesn't sound like a good plan to me. Instead, I'm thinking raising might be the better option here, hoping s/he'll stack off. I don't see any reason to size any other way than a shove. Sure, a monster fish might read a smaller raise as weakness and pounce (again... 2nl), but I'm thinking that's a very thin possibility, plus it would only leave some change behind, so that's not really an option that I've given any serious thought. Thoughts? I can't say I've had to deal with this position very often before in a real money game.
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    It's a dream come true when a villain min 3-bets multiway and you can set-mine knowing their range is essentially face up.
    I'm not keen on calling on the flop. I doubt the other villains are over-calling with draws, but I want to get all in as soon as possible to isolate the fish. I would not rule out KK at all. Although a fishy player will generally slowplay or check-raise with top set, some of them will overbet for value. That being said, they also make idiotic overbets with underpairs. (I've seen them show up with QQ here, and it makes my eyes bleed, because they are totally value-owning themselves).

    You said that you're never folding (you're not that crazy) but I think the same applies to the villain. Their bet committs them to calling a shove. About the only time they fold is if they do indeed have a hand like QQ/JJ and it suddenly dawns on them that they are way behind.
    There's no logical size for you to raise except for a shove. If you minraised, for example, and villain flatted, the pot would be about $4.70 and you'd have less than a dollar behind. Neither of you can fold the turn with stacks being less than a quarter of the pot! If you're both committed to getting it in on the turn, you might as well do it on the flop.

    In short, I'd shove and start printing money when he flips over aces or AK. If he has KK, it's a really sick cooler.
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