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Am i tilting here?

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  • Am i tilting here?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    As some of you might know i find it pretty easy to get away from overpairs when i think im beat but i couldnt seem to do it this time and im wondering do you think i was tilting here. I just undergone the worst bunch of coolers ever i had set over set trips over trips, aces cracked by tens yet again and even a straight got busted in 400 hands. I think i definitely felt my blood boil this time.

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    I know the feeling but yeah it was probably a fold, maybe even on the flop. Its very easy to think 'he's probably got a fd' and i do it myself but more often than not I go to sd and im wrong, or the i call and the flush hits the turn and he bets again and you have to fold. There are al lot of bad turn/river cards here and thats assuming he doesnt have us beat already. Its easier (and cheaper) to get away from a hand at the earliest opportunity and every buck saved is like a buck won + more annoying but ultimately true cliches! ul tho just try to run out the bad luck
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      Could he slowplay JJ,QQ,KK in this spot?


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        I really don't want to analyse this one without some sort of read/stats. Against some players, it's completely standard to stack off here, mainly because it's blind v blind. Against others (nitty set-miners), it's a pretty easy fold on the flop.

        I doubt that this was the first hand you ever played against this villain, but if he was a complete unknown, I'd generally 3-bet the flop and get it in, because villain's range is something like QQ-77, plus AcKc and KcQc. You're only losing to 3 combos that made top set, so you're beating the range.
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          I lost my whole database Arty someone restored my pc back to scratch and i lost everything on my pc. I wasn't happy.


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            I wouldn't fold the turn.


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              His range is something like A9 KK QQ JJ TT 99 66 and nut, 2nd nut flush draws, so yeah you played it great.
              Obviously if a club hits on the turn that would change our plans, but still you can't really fold there.


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                I have had the same problem in the past. If you email poskerstars support they can email your full hand history to you. It will come in a lot of zip files but if you unzip them in your hand history folder and then remove the fist couple lines of text at the top of each txt file in note pad your Hud will be able to read them again.


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                  I'd try to get it in on the flop in this spot, I think you'd be way ahead against most villains at 2NL, except the nitty ones, but even then I'd need a strong read that the guy is passive in general i order to make a fold there.



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