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    Call or fold? I found it really hard to not call seen as my aces and kings have been cracked 3 times today all in pre vs qq 22 and KK vs my AA all in a short space of 300 hands today. Actually my aces and kings have been getting busted for 3 weeks and im getting tired of this downswing now i still cant understand why im making money. I flatted the flop because i think he was betting to big for donking draws and because i doubt he has AT, he might have JJ or QQ i doubt he has KK though.
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    good fold I think, he will more than likely bet again on the river and then you have invested more to ask the same question and getting the same answer. Pretty horrible it was 4 ways pre. If they are real recreational players then maybe bump it up bigger like 12-15c to really charge the draws. Dont want to scare away weaker hands I know but if you have a rough idea of their games you will be able to guess if you cant get away with it.
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      Against an unknown, it's a good fold on the turn, but this guy shouldn't be an unknown if you've played 100,000 hands. Where are your reads/stats?
      The donkbet out of the blinds in a multiway pot is usually a set or a draw, but sometimes it's just top pair, which is why this would be a lot easier to analyse if you provided stats. Even just knowing the VPIP helps with the decision (level one thinkers don't know what a value-bet is. They donk because they made top pair and that's that. A TAG reg will donk with a mixture of monsters and draws, and rarely with one pair, especially on wet boards multiway).
      It's crucial to note exactly what villains donkbet with. Someone that only donks 7% of the time pretty much always has a monster when he does it, while someone that donks 50% of the time is just a spew-monkey trying to valueown himself.

      I think it's a good fold on this turn card because it's a big bet, meaning you're looking at a set or made flush almost always. Since you have one pair, no draw, the fold is fine, as you'll be facing another big barrel on the river, as Pedro pointed out.
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        I havent got many hands on players at full ring and i havent been playing poker that much latley, i been to busy learning.I think i must be running into new players or something.



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