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  • Equilab

    So i just saw this vid where someone using equilab had hand ranges set up for regs and he then put the flop in equilab and bet the flop, villain calls he then clicked if villain calls the flop and then it showed him all the ranges of hands that a reg opens in that seat and what hands call that flop.

    Then he fired again knowing most of them hands fold when he had total air it was a pretty nice setup i cant work out how he set it up though has anyone tryed this?

    I cant see it being useful for 2nl but for 10nl vs reg players it seems like a nice tool to have.

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    As far as I know, you can't link Equilab to your HUD to do this kind of thing automatically, but if you're really quick at clicking buttons you could do it manually, as you can save ranges in Equilab and then remove combos from those ranges based on the flop texture.
    I'd like to see the video to see exactly what you're describing, as I expect the clip was carefully edited to make it look like the hero had plenty of time to make his decisions.

    With HEM in combination with NoteCaddy, you can find out what hands a villains calls/raises a flop with, because NC keeps a record of specific hands that reached showdown. e.g. I have auto-notes that say things like "Floats ace high flop with weak range: KQs, KTs, 76s" and "Folds to turn c-bet 4/5".
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      **link removed** T2C

      Watch the 1st vid its a sample, its called how to beat poket with 10bb/100
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        As I suspected, the coach didn't narrow the range during the hand itself. He saved the "continuance range" as an Equilab preset, just to show it as an example. This is kind of what I was doing with the JTx flop in my blog about flop textures. If you recall, I was assuming the pre-flop caller had this range: (which I have saved as an Equilab preset)
        I then assumed the flop was and used the Equilab pie-chart function to see exactly how the pre-flop range connects with that flop, and found out that the villain has at least a pair (including underpairs) 77% of the time, and 17% of the range has at least two pairs, as in this screenshot:
        On that screenshot, I've ticked all the boxes that represent made hands, but I could deselect the underpairs, as they are probably not continuing. Not shown on the screenshot is a button labelled "Take modified range to main window" and that's a magic button, because it reveals exactly which combos make middle pair or better. If I assume villain only continues with second pair or better, then the modified range looks like this: AdJd,AhJh,AcJc,QdJd,QhJh,QcJc,AdTd,AhTh,AcTc,JdTd, JhTh,JcTc,Td9d,Th9h,Tc9c Seeing that the continuance range still contains many combos (15 to be precise) means it would generally be a mistake to bluff on this flop. (Note: I've not included any of the draws, but Equilab also lists every type of draw, such as gutshots + backdoor flush draws, and I could have included these in the continuance range). On a drier flop, the continuance range would be much narrower, since the pre-flop caller would be more likely to have missed. You can learn a lot about ranging, and particularly about continuance ranges if you do some work away from the table. With a little experience, you'll just know that JT7tt connects with a lot of a hands, but a Q32 rainbow does not, so you can alter your c-betting and bluffing frequency accordingly. I'd definitely recommend having a play about with Equilab. Put in some random flops and see how often a preset range connects with them.
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          Oh i was like i need that setup hes got that would be nice if i could click a button to see what villains will call a raise with, i have an idea in my head but obviously equilab will be better because im not putting people on that many ranges when they call.

          Il have a play around with equilab later im just watching some of flixs vids now then il have a look, ive never actually used equilab i just had a play around with it i put villains stats in it the once, vpip and pfr but when you drag vpip cursor across to the right it to 15% it shows a load of hands but when you put pfr to 11% all the hands go back to orange so i just dont see how thats helpful because i cant see what there raising unless i take vpip down to 0 and put pfr to 11%

          Then if you actually look it says for someone to be opening pocket 2s they need to have a vpip of 55% how does it work that out?

          Back to your range on JT7 if i could find the time to make a load of hands i could set up ranges and a range that calls raises then for certain flops for regs then?

          Might be time consuming though i think i need to understand why 15% opening range chart look like the stats of a nit though on equilab 1st lol before i attempted doing those setups.


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            Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
            Then if you actually look it says for someone to be opening pocket 2s they need to have a vpip of 55% how does it work that out?
            As with Pokerstove, the the "top X % of hands" is based on the hand being multiway (4-handed IIRC) and going to showdown. While that might be appropriate in fixed limit, it's not very useful for NLH when pots are often heads up and don't often go beyond the turn. A hand like 22 isn't going to showdown very often and is considerably more playable than other hands that might be in the so-called "top 50%". For me, 22 is closer to the top 20% of hands, or something like that.

            Equilab comes with some preset ranges for each position (e.g. the Deuces Cracked open-raise chart for UTG in a 6-max game is 55+, A7s+, K9s+, QTs+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, A9o+, KQo) but I've saved my own ranges based on the types of hands that villains play at the stakes I'm playing.
            e.g. for UTG in a FR 2NL game, my preset range is TT+, AQs, AK.
            If I was to play 25NL, I would expect the UTG range to be somewhat looser, and in 6-max games of 50NL+, ranges are super-wide, especially for late position steals.

            If you save the range that you would play in each position as a preset, then you'll have a better idea of the type of hands a villain is playing when he has a similar VPIP to you.
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              Oh i see yh i might set it up because i dont like those presets at all im not to bothered atm though because i dont see many regs at zoom anyway so i just give everyone a range preflop similar to mine for each seat then if i see vpip thats like 20% plus i would of thought there opening any broadway in any seat because my vpip is like 15% for 6max and full ring sometimes abit looser like 17% but never lower.

              My UTG range is 22+ JTs+ QJs+ KQs+ ATs+ AQo+ then cutoff il start opening some JTo+ and the button is pretty much ATC unless the blinds are super loose.

              I think my range is pretty wide so i dont know why its 15% at 6max so when i see someone with 20%+ vpip i just think my range has them crushed pretty much all the time.

              I mean 20%vpip must be opening a ton of junk in ep i even tryed to see what those ranges looked like by opening some suited connectors in the cut off as well and i cant hit that range and its not like im tight in SB either because i open that seat evry chance i get and no one steals my blind from the button very often either because il 3bet them wide unless there a nit or a reg thats gonna float the flop so il 3bet a tighter range into them but that dont happen often i think out of like 1k hands i played like a week ago i ran into 6 spots at the most where i had to fold to a nit or a reg the rest of the time in the BB im re stealing or playing the flop and taking it down if the player was in the SB and checks.

              I dont like calling in the SB or BB when the button opens so its mainly a 3bet or fold so why my stats are 15% i dont know.
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                15% VPIP for 6-max is quite nitty really. I can't see how you can be stealing "every chance i get" and end up with 15% overall.

                My VPIP is just over 19% and I'm not opening junk in UTG. In fact, I'm a nit in that seat, playing less than 9% of hands. I'm much looser if it's folded to me OTB or in the SB (around 34%) and it's all the stealing that brings the average up.
                Here's the chart I use as a basis for open-raising in 6-max 2NL:

                Your 15% range isn't crushing me at all. It's not beating my UTG or MP range, and only has a slight edge (about 54% equity) against my CO range. You're way ahead of my button range, but I'm not paying you off if you 3-bet my steals, because I'm usually folding. With the benefit of position though, many of the hands in the button range are profitable.
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                  Hmm i must get some terrible cards then because im looser UTG except i dont open AJo and MP im opening pretty much the same except for the Pp, The cutoff i dont open Q9s KJo KTs K9s K8s or any ACE below ATo the button and SB ranges are pretty much the same as well, im even looser on the button at zoom though when the action is folded to me because i can open ATC and steal them blinds 8 out of 10 times with a min raise.

                  Does calling in the BB add to your vp? because im very tight in the BB with an open from any seat except the button and SB if the button opens a min raise il 3bet ATC if they 3x the button then il 3bet a tighter range but if the SB raises i like to play the flop and put there post flop skills to the test and take the pot off of them most of the time with having position.

                  Its like my 3bet% as well it stays on 3-4% but i 3bet in the SB and BB alot vs the button most of the time i never get chance to 3bet my premium hands though because ive noticed every time i get AA KK QQ im either UTG and everyone folds or i get a caller or im on the button and they fold i might aswell have 72o on the button at zoom.

                  Its like some times il 3bet my JJ vs some players but i never get a seat to do that either because theres so many folders and im always the 1st in the pot i dont do much calling pre flop.


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                    Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
                    Does calling in the BB add to your vp?
                    If you're facing a raise, yes. Every time you are in the BB and don't get a walk, you have an opportunity to put money in the pot, either with a raise or a call. Checking when it's a limped pot will make your BB VPIP go down.
                    I'm really tight in the blinds (which is why you could often steal with 72) as I'm generally looking to play as few pots OOP as possible.
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