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10nl - Rivered full house

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  • 10nl - Rivered full house

    Hi guys, Just wondering what my play should be like OTR. I feel like a c/r semibluff with a flush draw is a large part of his range, so c/r would probably extract more value than leading and giving him the opportunity to just call. Stacks are also awkward, and I think overbetting looks too strong against a small flush. Villain is an OK reg - 18/13/7.5 over 180 hands I think folding is a bit weak on this board due to how wet it is. We also have blockers to sets and its more likely than not that he may have a combo draw KcQc etc

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    Hi, I do not know how you can ever fold OTF with top 2 on that board so a call looks good to me. You can 3bet as well if you think he is not continuing to bluff on a blank turn. Since he checked back the turn he most likely has a draw = KJ, FD or he had a hand like AQ which he for some reason thinks is not good enough for another bet. The river is the best card in the deck. Not only it gives you the nuts but it also guarantees that more money will go in. Think about what he represents by his flop check raise: 1) FD - obviously got there so he is going to value bet and probably not fold to a shove since he might think you have KQ or AQ 2) AQ - obviously value betting himself as well 3) KJ - he bricked out completely but caught a card which he might try to bluff on. definitely not getting any value from that hand by betting 4) a random spew - not getting any value by betting either So to check shove the river seems like the best plan to me. If he gives up and does not bluff this card it is okay we would not be able to extract any more value anyway. Well played umbup:


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      Wow that was played perfectly.


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        Hey birdday I feel like you should three-bet the flop in this situation. We really risk giving all villain's draws a free card on the river because they will often check-back the turn when they miss. In this situation that's a lot of combination draws. We could easily get it in on the turn when it looks good, like a 6, 8, 9, and be drawing to four outs. We also hate A,K,J turns and of course clubs. Pretty hard to play it right out of position and like you said we block sets well. Finally, given the preflop positions there is a good chance villain will sometimes flat AA/KK preflop hoping for a squeeze and then fastplay this flop. All in all I think three-betting the flop is our least bad option. Sure we get it in crushed sometimes, but there are just so many other benefits. On the river I don't see any play but check. If he missed with KJ he isn't going to pay a bet. If he overvalued KQ/AQ on the flop he will bet. If he has any missed draw he will bet. If he got there with clubs he will bet. Basically in situations like this a lot of hands will flat call river that will bet/call if checked to. So KQ/AQ will always just flat call a lead but once they put their own bet out there on the river they will feel too committed to fold to your check-shove. The same goes for flushes. Like the 5 high flush if you lead big he might just call. Let me put it this way, he shoves over your river bet sometimes, but he bet/calls more often with that hand should you check than he shoves should you lead. Make sense umbup:



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