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2NL FR, KJ in CO, raised pre, called flop, turn. Should have folded flop?

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  • 2NL FR, KJ in CO, raised pre, called flop, turn. Should have folded flop?

    Villain is 66/0 (4 hands). Question: Had it been better to fold on the flop instead of call the raise? Cheers, DrJ

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    Hi Dr Jevsky,

    he did not raise the flop but bet into you (raise would be the second bet on the flop), this bet into the Rreflop-Raiser (You) is called a donkbet.

    You should not fold to his donkbet, especially since he bet less than half pot. Your option on the flop were to call or to raise yourself. If calling or raising is better here would debend on reads you have on the opponent. The only read we have is that he does not play a full stack and is a NL2 player, so he is a weak player who probably calls to much. That means turning your hand into a semibluff by raising is probably not very profitable imo since he might even call you with a pair of tens and a weak kicker here. So I think just calling the flop and his small turn bet as you did, is the best line. If he would have bet the turn a bit bigger like 16 cents you probably should have folded the turn already.


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      Hi DrJevsky294!

      almigthybald has pretty much got this one covered. Villain didn't raise the flop. He donked into you. Since he's playing 66/0 over this tiny sample size, he's probably a level one thinker, and I think his donkbet means he has top pair with the queen. I'd usually just call on the flop, as you have an OESD and an overcard. Raising doesn't appeal, because I doubt this villain is capable of folding top pair, so you'd just be setting a higher price to hit your draw. Your equity declines on the turn as you only have one card to come, but villain's bet is less than half pot again. I would call because I expect there to be pretty good implied odds, meaning that if you river the straight, you're likely to get some money from villain. e.g. you're calling 12c on the turn, but you stand to win not just the 26c in the pot, but probably about another 30c on the river too. With implied odss of (26+30):12 = 56:12 = almost 5 to 1. Since the odds against making the straight are closer to 4:1, it's profitable to call the turn.
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        Thanks for the feedback!

        What about the 77c bet he made on the river? Was I correct to fold?



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          Of course. You can't call a river shove with king high!
          Your plan from the flop onwards is to try and make the nut straight for a cheap price and then to get value if/when you hit it. If you fail to make the straight, you can fold the river.
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            Just as I suspected



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              lol you can definitely fold the river



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