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2NL Full ring, JJ in BB, raised pre. Should have checked pre?

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  • 2NL Full ring, JJ in BB, raised pre. Should have checked pre?

    Villain is 75/37 (8 hands), WTSD 50. Question: Would it have been better to check pre? Cheers, DrJ

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    Check, no way! But with a limpers I add 1 BB for each to my raise.

    You have to hate the flop, so why bet just 1/2 the pot? I'd either bet 3/4 to keep them from drawing if they missed, or a 1/3 blocking bet because it looks like you want a call or raise. Did you just set down or just top-up?


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      yeah, bet pre bigger, like 10 cents and bet flop bigger as well like 65% pot.

      This flop is not that scary, no overcards and some draws like 78 or heart draws that you can charge. His range of cards he is holding on the flop should be pretty wide cause of his stats and cause he limp/called. He can have some sixes in it, but 6x is a very small part of his range.

      After his flop raise you have to be careful but I think your flop call is fine, I would also call the turn just because he bet so small that you get a way to good price to fold. Your hand can still be good on the turn, the turn card did not help him and you underrepresented your hand with your small bets. So he might have a draw or some weirdly played pair of nines, its hard to put him on a range since he makes such a weak bet on the turn that its hard to read a lot into it.

      So I would call the turn and call a small river bet as well. ALternatively you could lead out many rivercards after calling the turn for value for 60% pot and fold to a bet.


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        JJ is the fourth strongest starting hand, so I'm never checking in this spot. You've only got 8 hands on the villain in this pot, but he's played 3/4 of them and often with a raise. Since he's limped this time, he probably has a very weak hand that's not even in the top 40%. A standard open would be 4bb here, and your post-flop plan should be to bet every street and don't slow down unless you get raised.
        The flop comes 966 which is a pretty good flop for you as you have an overpair. The only hands that connect with this flop are random 9s, 6s, heart flush draws, and the 87 OESD. I'd bet about 75% of pot for value, to make it a mistake for villain to call with random overcards. It's pretty sick when he minraises, but I think he'd mostly do this with a 9. At 2NL, villains tend to slowplay with trips in spots like this. The pot is still quite small, so I think you can call the minraise and see what villains does on the turn.

        You call and villain bets just 6c into 37c. This is a tiny bet, and it's either a "scared bet" by a weak pair (e.g. T9, 98), or it's a "sucker bet" with a monster looking for action (A6, 65s). Since you're beating all one pair hands, but losing to trips or better, and the price is so cheap, you can call again. To fold now doesn't make sense. After all, if you were going to fold to a tiny bet on the turn, you may as well fold on the flop. I'd be calling down here. Provided the river is not a Q or better and villain doesn't make a large bet, JJ is the best hand.
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          At 2nl I would probably have raised to about 10c pre-flop to someone with those stats.

          On the flop, to someone with those stats, albeit a minute sample, I would have 3bet him and probably be happy to get it in. If he has 99, or a random six, so be it.

          On the turn though, I am never in a million years folding to such a small bet, the odds you are getting to continue are more than good enough. His play just looked like button clicking to me. Probably the only time he bothered to change anything was to make the small bet on the turn. The rest was just button mashing behavior.

          I really think at 2nl there are so many button mashing ******* that we can take this hand to showdown and be in profit.

          I'd only do it at 2nl though. The play at 5nl is already better.
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            Thanks for the advices, everyone! It's really helpful.




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