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5NL 6-max Zoom AJo

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AJo

    Hi, the villain is playing 16/12/8 with AF=2 and c-bet =73% over 562 hands. Should I've played this draw more passively ? I decided to play more aggressive since I had the gut shot too and he c-bets a lot so he might be suspicious of my raise. But thinking back now, I could get more value of worst diamonds and get away on teh missed draw on teh river by playing it more passively. what are your thoughts ?

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    Once villain raises you on the flop you seem to be behind his entire range. You have a good amount of equity, but as far as I can tell you have no fold equity. This leads me to think that check-raising then calling his 3bet may be best, even out of position. Had you been in position then calling his flop bet may have been best.

    Check out this range I assigned villain when he 3bets the flop:


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      I think you need to make a plan as soon as you see the flop. Whenever you are check-raising with a strong draw, you should be committed to getting your stack in if villain reraises, especially when you make a big raise like this, because the check-raise costs so much of your stack. With the NFD + gutshot, you'll typically have around 40% equity or more against villain's range, so check-raising here and calling off the rest is fine. The pot lays odds on a call that translate to you needing about 38.5% equity. You've got about 36% against a set, but if we include overpairs, TPTK and worse flush draws than yours, then you get closer to 45%. It's fairly close, but once you've made the raise, it would be a mistake to fold. I don't think a passive line would be +EV, as villain is never paying you off if a fourth flush card comes, unless he holds the . Even with sets, he'll check behind, and he won't call a river lead, as your hand will be face up.
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