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need hand instructor

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  • need hand instructor

    so.... 4 of a kind beats flush ?

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    Only thing beats 4 of a kind is a Royal Flush or Strait flush.
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      Hi linh123456!

      Pre-flop, I prefer a bigger raise with KK out of position in the small blind. A standard raise is 3bb + 1bb per limper, so I'd make it at least 8c. Against weaker players (which most limpers are) I'd even make it 10c to get more value.
      As played, you make it 6c and the limper calls. You flop the world with quads on a two-tone KK7. Many players would slowplay here, but I don't recommend that. When the flop is paired like this, villains never put you on a strong made hand, because it seems unlikely you have a king in your hand if there are two on the board. A half pot bet is enough to get calls from flush draws, pocket pairs and (sometimes) ace high. 6c into 15c is a little small. Another reason to bet now is that if a flushy turn card comes, it will kill your action if villain has no draw, so get some money in while he is more likely to pay you.
      On the turn, it's possible villain made a flush. In fact, I'd be praying that he'd made one, because I want to double my stack. Again, I'd bet at least half pot. Anything less is missing value. 6c into 26c is neither here nor there. When villain check-raises the turn, he's never bluffing. He either has the flush or a full house with 77 or 44. This is the perfect opportunity for you to double up. I have no idea why you just called. Since the pot is 62c and you have less than that in your stack, you should be going all in.
      As played you call and see the river, which is another heart. Villain pretty much has to have a flush now. For some reason, you minbet 2c into 87c. What is the purpose of that bet? You should be going all in for maximum value. Fortunately, villain makes a big raise to put you all in and you call and drag the pot.

      If you're really not sure if quads beats a flush, then I recommend you go over the PSO Basic Training Courses. You also need to improve your bet-sizing. Check out TheLangolier's video on that.

      Hope this helps!
      Bracelet Winner


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        I just want you to know how you had trained me In this hand, I really REALLY scared that he will fold if I all in, so I decided to raise more than normal. That is really really lucky that I have 3 of a kind umbup: P/s: also in that hand
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