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25NL - AK facing 4bet 133bb effective stack

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  • 25NL - AK facing 4bet 133bb effective stack

    CO 11/11 (20) BB 20/17/8 (160) 3bet 6% (49) Squeeze 17% (6) What's your plan with AKo OOP with 133bb stack? In game, I missed on the BB stats and I totally disregarded my stack size! I 3bet here and we got 4bet. Now what?! (To avoid making two mistakes - well three in this case, I just folded to the 4bet) I think I should have flatted, and if the BB squeezes and CO folds we could go for a 4bet? What do you think?

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    I would personally take a call here and just give up if you don't flop something.
    Don't go mental though if you do hit. QQ+ and AK is what you are up against mostly and they could have hit their set.

    Alternatively you could 5-bet and call a shove. Against an unknown like this I would prefer calling the 4 bet though, or just folding isn't a big mistake probably.

    As for the situation where we call and the BB squeezes, I would happily 5-bet and call a shove.
    Provided the CO folded. If the CO calls or 5-bets / shoves I am probably just folding.


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      We don't really have enough hands against the CO to know what is going to be best. There are some players we should have just flatted against to avoid three-bet/folding and there are some players we should five-bet/call to induce. Here I think our best option is to call, which is going to be a bit better than folding.

      I think starting with a flat call here wouldn't be the worst option preflop but three-betting is hard to believe as a mistake. You don't have to play totally fit or fold postflop either.

      What we know though is that over 20 hands villain is 11/11 so we definitely don't want to stack off preflop here with this hand in these positions.



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