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25NL - facing aggression with overpair in 3bet pot

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  • 25NL - facing aggression with overpair in 3bet pot

    Villain pretty much unknown 16/16/inf (25) CO is 17/14/2 (64) CO steal 22 (9) Fold to 3bet 50% (2) Would you consider 4betting and getting it preflop? As played, would you call the turn bet with an SPR of 4? I figured if this guy is 3betting with TT+,AK then we are only beating JJ and AK would check back the turn

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    From my experience AA,KK,QQ,AKo,AKs are going to get all-in in this spot pre-flop and I have seen (much) lighter 5-bets / shoves.

    In 25NL I see the button 3-betting light, so I would 4-bet this and get it in against an unknown.
    You will probably take it down after the 4-bet enough of the time to make it profitable.
    By the time you are 5-bet and/or shoved on you have the odds to call off I believe.

    If he calls the 4-bet, they often have AK or 10 10, JJ type hand that flop reasonable against AK.


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      I absolutely agree with MadMike here.

      Something else to consider when flatting is you will be playing the hand from OOP without initiative in what mostly will be a sandwhich position. CO gets a cheap flop with all his marginal hands and a chance to outflop us with decent implied odds when we will flop an overpair very often.

      As played I'd now jam the turn in case you think BU will not follow through with riverbluffs/busted draws. Although our relative handstrength doesn't change all that much OTT our hand is still quite underrepped and we kept villain's range potentially wide by flatting pre. Folding would be out of question alone from a game theoretical standpoint.
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