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25NL - Q high flush on a 4 to a flush board

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  • 25NL - Q high flush on a 4 to a flush board

    Villain unknown I think I should have gone for a turn raise to get value from Ad or Axd, you agree? I guess raise turn and fold to a shove? As played, I think the river is a clear fold right?

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    Normally I would not mind playing it your way at all. If you wait until river and no other diamond came (which happens more than 80% of the time i believe) you could raise/bet then which might make the villain put you on a few more missed hands and obviously if he is folding you got another bet out of him.

    Since you are facing an utg range, turn raise would be better imo because there are a lot more Ad and Kd in his range which he might call a turn raise with (obviously never folding a set, maybe not even a big ace without a diamond). You are getting value and protection and if a diamond hits he might not donk bet into you so you earn yourself a free showdown.


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      Hey Geo

      I think if we ever raise the turn it should be to not fold. So against a lot of opponents I like raising the turn to get value from Strong AdXo hands, sets, two pair, and even a couple lower flushes. Note that we block a ton of villain's flush combos that they are likely to hold from UTG. Including JTdd QJdd KQdd, AQdd ATdd. Honestly I am not wild about calling this hand preflop versus an UTG open. I think without reads you don't have a good justification for making this call and that is your main mistake in this hand.

      On the river we should probably fold. It would be nice to have some sort of stats on villain's aggression factor numbers.



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