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25NL - AA facing river x/r

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  • 25NL - AA facing river x/r

    Looking for opinion on how I played this hand. Villain is basically an unknown 24/24/1 (17) I checked back the turn because I get a bit concerned when there is a Q or a J on board in a 3bet pot when the villain flats our 3bet; I feel that when people call a 3bet oop their hands lean towards QQ/JJ/TT After the river gets checked, I decided to go for value against an AQ hand, but we got x/r all in. Easy fold yea?

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    Hey Geo Have you considered bet-folding the turn in this spot? It is not as if your opponent is going to check-raise QJ here, so I think their check-raising range is going to be trip 9s or better, which we have poor equity against. So we might be in a situation where v his turn check-raising range we either have 2 outs v 9x 4 outs v straights 2 outs v JJ/QQ This means that bet-fold can be a good option since we will never be getting the right price versus their check-raising range and we don't sacrifice equity. On the other hand against their check-calling range we probably have tremendous equity. For example, hands we can target for value, KQ and AQ, have two outs. Targeting TT is also a good idea, and this hand will a) not call a river bet unimproved with the board have two overs and b) will call a turn bet and having ten outs we would like to protect/value bet our hand now. Of course there could be other hands out there to value bet, like QTs or QJ or AJ floats, or who knows. As played I think its an easy bet.fold on the river. Villain has a full house here practically 100% of the time. So no te preocuppes as they say. umbup:


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      I don't know what's wrong with me these past few days
      I checked back turn because I had a gut feeling that he would be sitting on QQ/JJ a lot of the time, so I wanted to keep the pot small and not commit myself, I was planning to call if he bet river. Yet then I bet river and called his raise and as I suspected he had QQ!!!!

      I planned my hand well, and did not stick to it! Just bad poker from my part... I guess all those board runouts have gotten to me!



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