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88, Early Position, vs unknown 10NL Zoom

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  • 88, Early Position, vs unknown 10NL Zoom

    I think I played this hand pretty well. The caller was an unknown as I have just started playing 10NL at the start of this month and not got many hands on people yet. From the point I hit the flop I am looking to get the monies in on the river. I think the sizing was good. However, if there are flaws in how I played it I would like them to be pointed out so that I can learn. The fact he was a short stack helped in getting the monies in. I guess he had hit the A. Against a full stack, would there be a better way of playing this to try and tease out full value?
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    So far I would have done the same, you have a great hand you can extract value from his stronger ranges betting big.


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      Hey Bhoy

      I think that the answer is yes, you should play a bit different against a full stacked opponent. The main adjustment I would make is to bet smaller. Yes, smaller.

      I think a non full stacked opponent is much more likely to call big bets with one pair than a regular who is thinking a bit more carefully about relative hand strength. That implies that the best way to maximize value versus them is to not bet the most possible at every opportunity, but to make smaller 2/3 pot sized bets that will set up bigger bets later and allow them to continue with a wider range on each subsequent street.

      In short a good regular will be able to fold AT to a turn bet and AJ to a river bet. You don't want that to happen and want them to feel obliged to call river bets with those hands. So the way to get that to happen is to bet smaller. Betting smaller also will make them more comfortable check-raising strong second best hands, though on this board there are not that many of those.



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