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10NL - Facing Flop Raise

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  • 10NL - Facing Flop Raise

    Is this a good laydown? Villain is 17/14 (38 hands).I show a lot of strength 3betting from blinds, he calls, & then quickly raises my cbet. This is a very good flop for me, but I'm just not comfortable calling here this deep.

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    Hi carlk73

    This was an interesting spot! With AQo and being out of postion you have two good options preflop. You can flat call and reevaluate on the flop. This keeps the pot small and conceals the strength of your hand. I do this often when facing steal raises for example from the btn when Im in the blinds. 3-betting as you did is fine though. Knowing whether to 3-bet or call preflop is a bit read dependant. Here you don't have much on the villain, but what you do have indicates that he is pretty tight-agrressive. If so, I would expect him to 4-bet pf if he was holding AA or KK.

    You flop tptk which is the best you can hope for. If you had flopped an A, then we would have to worry about AK out kicking us. As is, you probably have the best hand. Most TAGs are folding pocket 3s and 5s to a 3-bet pf.

    Now, if you are going to lead on the flop, you need to ask yourself "What am I hoping to achieve?" Are you raising for value? Or, are you raising as a bluff hoping to get a fold? This looks like a good spot for a value bet, but the villain raises you. He might have a set, but I would think it more a semi-bluff. This guy is aggressive and wants to keep the initiative in the hand. I think you could call the raise and expect to get at least one more street of value from the villain if you check the turn and let him fire another bullet into you.

    Folding as you did is safe. So, I never have a problem with folding to a lot of aggression with single pair hands. However, I think in this spot you are going to be ahead enough to make calling the raise profitable.

    I hope this helps! GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      I think that perhaps a call would have been better as it does look more of a semi-bluff & I flopped exactly what I wanted with this hand. It's unlikely he has AA or KK or a set. However, I am a bit spewy with TPTK type hands so hence playing in safe at the moment! Great points made, thanks.



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