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25NL - Defending against a Squeeze

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  • 25NL - Defending against a Squeeze

    Unknown opponent opens from MP and we call with AQo OTB; The SB who is a reg now 3bets. Would you have played this differently? Villain 21/17/2 (261) 3bet 12% (83) - 3bet vs MP 11% (18) Squeeze 10% (10) Flop Cbet 75% (12) I've noticed this line being taken more often on 25nl in 3bet pots, where opponents 3bet, cbet flop, and c/shove turns. I'm not sure if I'm running into big hands or what but its not a line that I'm used to; usually on 10nl people would tend to barrel with their strong pairs and c/f turns in 3bet pots.
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    I really don't like betting the turn here. What hand(s) are you trying to get to fold? Now think about those hands (if the exist), are you ahead of them? If you are behind them, is this the size that gets them to fold? I just don't think there are any hands that fold to this size that either a) don't really fold or b) wouldn't fold to a smaller size or c) are behind our hand.

    So the turn bet is surely a mistake. I also think the flop call is pretty ambitious. You looked at the squeeze % and the vMP 3bet %, but you neglected the most important 3bet stat in this spot -- the SB 3bet%. I suspect that will not support you continuing in this hand preflop or on the flop, given your hand. AQs in this situation is much better to call and see a flop than AQo and if you call continuing on a dry flop like this where you have little equity if behind and are crushed by AK is usually not going to be a great way to go.


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      Hi Gareth, I figure you're against floating in a 3bet pot? So say we had AQs which would make our preflop call somewhat better; then you would have still folded to a cbet?



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