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25NL - Opponent Ranging

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  • 25NL - Opponent Ranging

    What hands does villain take this line with? MP is a fish CO is 20/17/4 (152) 3bet 10% (52) I decided to Squeeze with KQo from SB to isolate the fish - I think I might have called with KQs otherwise. But now the reg clicks it back. What do you range him on, as I'm clueless! I figure AA/KK/QQ and AK should have 3bet; Is he doing this with JJ/TT? AQ? or 22-99? Random 4bet bluff with broadway? I was actually considering a 5bet shove... but took too long to think about it and I ended up timing out.

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    reply to hand

    I do not see too many hands we are beating taking this line , i just feel he wanted to play a pot against the fish in position. But when you 3 bet and the fish folds i feel his plan of stacking the fish has gone and takes a normal line against you. I certainly do not want to play the KQ oop , so your shove idea could have been a option and hopefully that might have got JJ or QQ to fold . But we obviously would never get called by any hand we are beating..
    Triple Bracelet Winner


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      Hey Geo - exciting news to hear you've managed to get back on the tables!! I've been enjoying all the interesting spots you post in HA, and always wind up learning a lot from the questions you pose, and the discussions they generate

      This spot reminded me a lot of one that got discussed in a Live Training class (I just copied and pasted the link from another thread :

      7. 4-betting AK into a squeezer, after calling behind an open-raiser
      - Discussion: see Preflop Aggression (Dec. 19, 2012, @4:34)

      Guess the idea was that it might be preferable to call behind with AK rather than 3-bet (as the villain did here, not that this necessarily means he was doing this with AK) if:

      1. The initial raiser is tight, so that 3-betting doesn't narrow his range, and
      2. It might induce somebody in the blinds to attempt to squeeze light,
      3. Which we could then cold 4-bet with AK

      But maybe calling behind a loose passive would also be better, if he folds a lot to 3-bets as the one in mp did here (although he was getting squeezed)?

      Maybe this same strategy would work with other hands too, like the ones you and Glenn mentioned, JJ and QQ? And maybe some others?
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        Hi geo!

        I agree with the others here. I don't see any hands in his 4-bet range that we are beating. The only way a reg is bluffing in this spot is if they have a VERY good read on you and know you can both squeeze and lay a hand down to a 4b. I would expect to see a decent pair 10+ or AK maybe AQs most of the time. You don't want to play oop so folding or jamming are your only options. 5-betting is going to look super strong, but I don't like to take that kind of risk on a bluff. Folding as you did looks good to me.

        As Sam said, I'm happy to see you are back online. GL!

        Roland GTX


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          thanks guys!

          @Sam, lots of more hands should be posted this week... as I'm getting destroyed on 25nl!!!



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