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QJs OOP - scary river

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  • QJs OOP - scary river

    I have no hands on this guy; he has not a full stack so i assume is passive recreational player. Preflop, i don't usually open this but the table was very juicy and couldn't resist. I am pretty sure he has a draw since there are not many combos of sets. What do you think about the turn? I could bet slightly bigger. What about shoving? He could call with a big draw in my opinion... About the river, check/folding is "standard"? Should i put a blocking bet of $1? I lose even to overplayed KQ and the average opponent does not bluff often enough to justify a 1/2 pot sized bet call. Thanks

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    I really would have preferred to bet fold the river, as if our villian has any type of bluffs in his game this is the perfect card to make a bluff. It is alot harder to check raise as a bluff than it is to lead out as a bluff, with the size of his bet and the size of the pot he only has to make the play work 1 in 3 times for it to be +EV , and in this hand with the way it was played i think he gets folds alot making the bluff a really good line to take. He also could be semi bluffing the straight with a hand that still beats yours namely a better 2 pair. So i would have taken a bet fold line myself. Nice hand to post...
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      It's all fine to the river. The best line against an unknown player that is likely to be a loose-passive is bet-fold. I quite like a blocking bet of about 1/3 pot on the river. If villain raises, he has you beat, so you lose the minimum, but this small bet is also likely to get called by one pair hands.
      Check-folding is too weak, and check-calling is akin to check-guessing. I'd only take the check-call route if I have a specific note that says something like "Bluffs rivers with missed draws".
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