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2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game AK

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  • 2NL $0.01/$0.02 Cash Game AK

    Hi, Please could you analyze my hand below. This is where I have difficulty. I have TPTK and villain raises me on the flop, now I am thinking am I beat by 2 pair or a set, or am I still best - in this case I was best, but what would be your thought processes, or what would you look out for stat wise, etc, to make the best possible decision? I guess when I take a step back and think about it carefully, villain is unlikely to be playing T5 for 2 pair or A5, etc. I think this is the sort of thought process I need when in action. I still overwhelmed when I play and am still thinking on one level, i.e. TPTK looks nice, neglecting what the villain might have, and then what he is unlikely to have based on stats, and position of raise, etc. When considering if villain has a set, should you just treat it as a cooler or something? Although TPTK is not a monster hand I don't think. I am confused??? Thanks for the help. Cheers, pullin1988
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    A5 AT AJ AK AQ are likely, also 55 TT are part of his range.
    I think it's more a fold on the turn than a call, but I am calling always so I don't blame you.


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      I really need reads/stats to make a solid decision here. Against an unknown, it's a pretty tricky spot.

      Pre-flop is standard. I don't like 4-betting AK vs an UTG player and UTG+1 3-bettor, as I don't want to get shoved on by QQ+ and I want JJ-TT/AQ to stay in the pot.
      When both the original raiser and the 3-bettor check the flop multiway, I think they mostly have KK, QQ or JJ, unless they are slowplaying sets of AA/TT. I think you can bet for value (targeting AQ/AJ), but checking behind has some merit too, as hands like QQ/KK will think they are winning if you let them see a free turn card.

      When the original min-raiser check-raises, I'm probably folding. It smells too much like TT or even AA getting tricky, so you're often chopping at best with another AK. Calling and stationing to the river is unlikely to be proftable, as you're smoked by sets and are only beating AQ/AJ. When the turn comes a J, you're literally only beating AQ. As it turns out, that's precisely what villain had. I'd make a note that he minraised AQ UTG and called a 3-bet OOP, as he's likely to be a bad player you can exploit in the future.

      Hope this helps!
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