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    What do you think of my bet on the turn i dont think i can get value from any worse hands maybe jacks but i dont like checking either because he could blow me off my hands with air. So what lines best betting and maybe taking the pot there or checking and bluff catching on the river?

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    I'm raising slightly slightly more on both streets as I think that gets us more $$$ in the long run.
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      Yeh i didnt want to raise more than 75% because i figured if hes calling its gonna be with some sort of straight draw or over cards/ a small pocket pair he might want to see the turn with then theres hands like Tx that have me crushed.

      I was thinking of taking the bet fold line but im just wondering if its better to try and get them to bluff because i just cant see worse hands calling on that turn other than jacks.

      I dont like giving free cards but when you have a aggro player i think it might be better letting them take the lead there because otherwise there either folding your bet or calling and then there probably ahead, if he was a passive player though yeah i agree on definitely keep firing.


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        It's a pretty bad flop for QQ, but betting is standard, as you can't give a free card to overcards. I think checking the turn is best. It's hard to get called by worse there. JJ and 99 and the only hands that will give you 3 streets of value, but you're crushed by sets that boated/quadded up.
        If you check the turn, then you may get looked up light on the river, or vilain may be inspired to lead out with a bluff, as your hand will look like AK/AQ/KQ.
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