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Spacegravys hand chart

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  • Spacegravys hand chart

    In Spacegravys hand chart for early stages he recommends opening

    Early position 99-AA and AJs - AK
    Limp 22-88

    middle position Raise 66-AA ATs -AK
    Limp 22-55

    Late position Raise 22-AA A9s-AK

    Well does anyone know what off suit hands he is including?

    Im sure he dont mean open AJo as well UTG or does he?

    Also what does everyone think of limping 22-88 UTG in the 1st stages. I dont mind trying out limping these hands if he says so in mtts and stts only but i dont want to be popping up on semi decent players fish radar and have them isolating me with all sorts of trash.
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    Just finished watching spacygravys vids and he dont say open anything like KQs and less un till your 10bb or less.Is that abit to tight?

    Surely its +Ev to open KQ late position when players are calling with trash and when they are nits, im just looking for a range to go off and then il change it as i get more comfortable with my game.


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      ATs - AK would include AJo and AQo. In general you can go one rank lower when your cards are suited.

      It is a good thing that you are starting to consider how other players could take advantage of your style of play. These charts are for beginning players. As you improve your game you will find that they are a guide rather than an iron clad rule. In micro stakes the vast majority of players are unlikely to pick up on this so it is not a big worry.

      Good luck
      3 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I guess your opening a wider range then, im pretty confident with what hands im opening in cash which is way looser than this hand chart but i think folding KQs UTG is abit to tight imo especially if you think you have an advantage on the players at the table.

        I think my postflop play is good and im aware of what people are gonna be calling and raising with pre and even my hand reading is pretty decent now so i think i can definitely open wider than that i just dont want to be opening to wide and spewing chips all over the table.

        I think il just mix it up abit for now incase i think someone was capable of reading me and i dont want to have nitty stats either because they never get payed so i think i got an idea of my hand range to start off with.i would prefer something to look at though and then make my own decision on it, il just keep looking.



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          That is just a basic idea of a preflop hand selection, it's not arbitrary so you can include your own hands and strategy



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