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  • AA

    Can anyone get away from this hand? Villain was a lag that was regulary spewing chips from what ive seen, i dont expect him to show up with a 8 or 8s for that matter on this flop so figured he was either spazing out hoping to hit a flush draw or he had a set. I dont think he would ever have kings or queens so i guess this was a bad call because im only beating AT JJ and all flush draws is that enough for me to put another $1.50 into the pot with this type of player?

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    against a lag its a clear call on the turn imo. Although I think your reasoning is a bit weird here:

    "Villain was a lag that was regulary spewing chips from what ive seen, i dont expect him to show up with a 8 or 8s for that matter"

    he should not have 8x in his preflop calling threebets oop range if he would have been a TAG, but as a spewy LAG he can have all kind of hands here.

    Also want to mention, that you should have bet the flop and turn bigger for sure, go for something like 70% on flop and turn. The board is draw heavy and you have to make thoose pay more.
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      Hey Mike I would have raised a bit bigger before the flop, to something like 26 cents. I think that if your opponent is going to continue he will for that size and also that its a size that charges the played to limp cold call the raise. Then I think you need to bet/call the turn. It is not so clear to me that villain can't have QQ for example, at least some of the time, or hands like 99, QT, and so on. If they can have 8X hands then they can also have T9 type hands. So I wouldn't worry too much about it and keep hoping he calls oop with J8s. Of course there are boards and situations to get away from it, but I don't think this needs to be one of them with the information we have. umbup:


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        Ok cheers guys, Almighty i know an 8 is in this lags range but i dont expect him to hit that flop very often so i figured i could stack off almost every time here when he raises an overpair, i dont see many lags so i dont know if they are stupid enough to blow me off my hand here, i was just making sure everyone agrees.



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