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Playing small pairs in cash games

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  • Playing small pairs in cash games

    Is it profitable to be calling 3bets with small pairs, im making a profit with all my pockets pairs but i dont know if i would be making more money by not calling 3bets with them when im deep.

    I know that when i hit im getting a stack pretty much all the time but im unsure of if its costing me money in the long run when i miss.

    Another thing im unsure of is if i open pocket 2s to 9s UTG is spewy to not cbet every time i miss, what i normally do is think has this board hit the villains range so if i had pocket 22 and the flop came K37r. I would cbet that flop and hope to take the pot and shutdown if im called.

    But if the board was wet or there was like j and q there aswell i would expect villain to be holding them cards quite often so i dont cbet.

    Is this the best way to play pocket pairs? also if i had small pocket pairs in sb or bb is it unprofitable to set mine OOP or should i just 3bet resteal?
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    Dave had you in mind when he did a three part series on pocket pairs, sessions 141, 142 and a misnumbered second 142.

    Good luck
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      Sweet il look at this now.


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        For set-mining in 3-bet pots, re-read my article about how to react to 3-bets, paying particular attention to the "special cases".

        99-66 are definitely profitable opens UTG in 6-max games. Most winning players also open 55-22 there too. You should usually be c-betting too. Just pretend you have AK or QQ. Flops that are good for those hands are likely to scare the pre-flop caller, so you have a good deal of fold equity. I'll go into more depth on this topic (evaluating flops when considering a c-bet) in my blog at the weekend.

        In the blinds facing a steal when you hold a small pair, it's probably still profitable to go set-mining at 2NL, but turning your hand into a bluff and 3-betting possibly has a higher EV. At 5NL and higher, it's fairly standard to 3-bet with the bottom of your range, especially when facing a frequent stealer who posseses a fold button.
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          Yh im gonna go over your blog again and some of the vids i went over when i started out i noticed i have missed a few things here and there because i couldn't understand it the 1st time i looked.

          I had a look at the link you posted and daves vids that bear posted and im playing pairs fine, i learnt a neat trick of daves as well where i can induce a bluff when my hand isnt to strong but i know im ahead and villain is pretty weak. It has put my WTSD up abit but im winning a couple of nice small pots the only problem is when they river a over pair and you bluff catch and lose a small pot.

          Its no prob though when you end up winning more than you lose.


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            y i lost near bubble,pls.



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