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2NL ZOOM: AA - Poor line/fold?

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  • 2NL ZOOM: AA - Poor line/fold?

    No reads on villain. Looking for some advise. Feel like I should have c-bet the flop or check-raised the turn. Also feel like the fold, and hand in general, was terrible as played. Much appreciated.

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    Shoves in general beats one pair hands, even more so when the board is paired, so fold was correct imo.

    You could have R/F on turn, but best case scenario would have been he folds his hand, so no value gained. After you did not bet when opportunity the hand went pretty much it should if he is an agro, except the shove in the end. If he not an agro, then CB is in order, because he might have a king.

    Not betting on turn is something I would never do. I don't know if it is correct but at least it makes the play easy afterwards - if he C - I'm out.

    Granted it looks poor, maybe someone will find a better play.
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      Hi folk,

      I certainly think without reads we should be c-betting the flop and hoping he's got a king or the diamond draw. He may not call us with a hand like TT, but we are probably not getting much action from that hand by checking either, unless he draws out on us and turns his set.

      Check-raising the turn I don't like, it makes no sense to check AK to him twice then raise... it may work in 2nl vs. unsophisticated opponents but it's just so transparent we don't have a king checking twice then making a move over a small bet.

      As played, I can't fault the fold as big river bets are often for value, but I do tend to agree a call is in order simply because of the way we played this hand. Check flop, check/call turn, check river, it looks like our hand strength is really weak like AhQh or 55. If he actually had a king then he would likely bet small again to try and get paid by our weak range. This overbet shove can't reasonably expect to be called by us. Again, 2nl/bad player may do many unreasonable things, but if we assume he's thinking with any degree of logic, he should be expecting us to fold to this bet, and since our hand strength is seriously under-repped here, I'd disappoint him and call.
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        Yh i would pretty much take Dave line and like he said that river bet is a pure bluff imo unless he was a loose passive or a nit i would call, imagine you was in his seat with the K and he had aces, he had the aces he would bet bet and then you could jam into him on the river with trips but because you never bet at all showing a load of weakness he was just trying to steal the pot on the turn and then was trying to make you fold the river.



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