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Pushed off the best hand?

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  • Pushed off the best hand?

    I couldn't really get my head round this at the time but the more I think about it the more I think I got pushed off the best hand here. This is a 2c - 5c game and the main villain is a tight player 10/6 (733) taking a weird line. I didn't believe he had an Ace on the turn but what do you call a 3 bet > call a 4 bet for 25% of your stack with Pre Flop? Especially as this guy has folded to a 3 bet 4 out of 5 times he's been given the chance. On the flop I'm a bit concerned that the pre flop 3 bettor might have an Ace so I check hoping to get more info in this bloated pot. It checks back round to me on the turn and i put in a chunky bet quite happy to take it here. The 3 bettor folds and the nit check>raise jams?? Pocket 5s? pocket Queens or Jacks? Does an Ace really check twice? I dunno. So I fold and I can't help thinking given the pot odds I should've called. Rob.
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    Nobody mini raises/shoves as a bluff on the turn on a 3betted hand, so there are two alternatives:
    1.He is completely retarded
    2.He had at least an ace or a full house
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      Yeh your definitely beat but i might of found it hard to not look him up for that price just in case hes one of these players that just gone insane with overpairs to that 5 thinking you dont have an ace because if you did have an ace you would of cbet that flop because of the straight draw.

      I know nits like slow playing there ace in that spot so he probably has got it but i wouldnt have bet that ace on the turn anyway because nits have a fold button and if he calls or raises your beat without an ace at least but who knows he might actually be overplaying some over pairs to that 5 because he believes you have nothing, so i would call for that price but i would rather check the turn and fold a river bet if he checked im betting and getting all in because i doubt hes gonna check an ace or a boat on the river for the 3rd time.


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        reply to hand

        The notes we have on him are making me fold this hand as quick as possible in 99% of situations. As you say the only problem is the 5 to 1 we are getting for the call around $2 to win $10, so we only have to be correct 1 in 5. But against this NIT i think we are good 0% (but you could suckout) joking. I just do not see him shoving a hand that we are beating, infact i cannot think of any hand that a NIT would play like this which we are beating, a NIT would not shove smaller pairs like some maniacs might. So i think you made the correct move, i think i would only call if i was getting some totally crazy pot odds like 20c to win $20 maybe not that crazy but you get my point...
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          V4 is looking you up with QQ or JJ

          V9 has AK

          I always say "What am I beating if I call"

          AQ, AK has you crushed. You said he was a Nit so standard hand

          What if he had ACE QUADS ! lol

          If your bluffed well good luck to him, only a matter of time before you get his cash. That is what I say "Well Done, catch you next time" and put notes on how the hand went down

          Sometimes we have to lay down big hands, GOOD LAY DOWN


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            Hi Rob,

            Betting the turn "to take it here" is not a good reason to bet, since we have a hand with excellent showdown value against all non-monsters. If we are betting here it should be because we think we can get value out of QQ/JJ. I'm not a big fan of the bet tbh, I think we should check again, and plan to call a reasonable river bet or bet the river ourselves for value (at which point JJ will be most likely to call us down, but we are only good for 1 post flop street in this spot against worse pairs I think).

            As played, I agree with the others this is a super easy fold. The nit has AK like virtually all the time here, he thinks you are hooked to call for the rest after this big bet sizing. I think you did the right thing not paying him off.
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              Ok Thanks for the feedback everyone. I guess I should've thought harder about the turn bet. I just felt confident at that point that I had the best hand and went for it. More thought required.



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