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Stats feedback.

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  • Stats feedback.

    Hi there,

    I've recently started playing poker, and actually just reach hand number 1000, which basically means that my sample size is quite small.

    I've only played 6-max NLHE - Microstakes 2NL

    VPIP = 19.3%
    PFR = 14.9%
    3-bet = 8.7%
    Cbet = 62.9%
    W$SD = 47.1 %
    BB/100 = 14.52

    I believe that my 3-bet percentage is rather high?
    Also I'm quite worried about my Aggression Factor, which is at 7.57, isn't that rather high?

    I'm also able to provide any other statistics that you might find useful to take a look at. Positional stats etc.

    I'm here to learn, so any helpful criticism is greatly appreciated.

    - C. Bruun

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    For 6-max, 19/15 is pretty good and are similar to my numbers (see my 6-max challenge thread).

    3-betting 8.7% of the time is a little high for 2NL, but that sort of number will serve you well at higher stakes, where pre-flop aggression becomes more important. Choosing good spots to 3-bet wide/light is important.

    C-bet of 63% is close to the sweet spot. Your AF is crazy high for a sample of this size. I'd like to know your WTSD figure, because you're not having the best hand at showdown the majority of the time, so I think you may be being a bit too aggressive with marginal holdings, and picking bad spots to barrel/bluff with air, or maybe you're playing too fit-or-foldy.

    The winrate is great, however.

    If you're using HEM or PT4, a screengrab with positional stats like I posted in my thread would be a great help if you want me to look for any quick fixes you can make.
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      Thanks for the answer Arty.

      I'm neither using HEM2 og PT4.

      These are the positional stats that I'm able to provide

      EDIT: Also I've been at quite a few table with very extremely tight players. Especially one table where 2 players were at 4/2/0 after 40 hands. That might be the cause of my aggression, since I had position on them.

      EDIT 2: Also my winnings are higher non-showdown than they are on showdown.
      Last edited by C. Bruun; Wed Jun 26, 2013, 01:29 AM.


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        Positional stats are fine. CO is tighter than expected, but that's likely to be a quirk of variance in this small sample (you were card dead in that seat, presumably).

        Having non-showdown winnings higher than W$SD winnings is very rare, and it's caused by too much aggression/bluffing. I wouldn't be too worried immediately, but if this trend continues for 5,000 hands, you may have a leak. At the lowest stakes "blue line" winnings (showing down the best hand at showdown) are more important than redline winnings (non-showdown), because betting for value is where most of your profit will come. Against nitty players, then 3-betting light and bluffing them off their pocket pairs is fine, but there's more money to be made by playing against loose/stationy players. Against those, you just need to make top pair and then take them to the Valuetown.
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          I totally agree that loose/stationy players are much more profitable to play against, but I'd rather take what I can get than leave it.

          Also I feel that I often don't get paid on my premium hands. I might have to take a note on hands next time and post them, it could be my betting size scaring them off the pot, or it could be poor plays.

          But as stated in my first post, I've only played a 1000 hands, so I'm definitely still learning.

          Once again, thanks for the answer Arty, it's much appreciated.

          I'll most likely make a follow up at 10.000 hands, in case there is a big leak.


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            Hello C.Bruun,

            Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info.

            We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline.

            Chris (Fadyen)

            Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

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              After another session of approximately 200 hands, my AF keeps going the wrong way and is now at 7.75.

              AF = ((Total Raise) + (Total Bet)) / (Total Call), correct?

              Though my BB/100 is rising and is now at 19.13, I still
              want to see if the AF is due to a massive leak, it could very well be.

              I'm very determined to improve my game in every way possible, which is also why I follow these stats carefully.


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                Here is a new update.

                The sample size has grown by 3.5 times since I posted, which means that we should be
                able to notice some patterns, as well as leaks now.

                Positional stats:


                After searching around on PSO, I notice that my graph is nowhere similar to any other
                micro-stakes player.

                That said, I have no clue how to analyze these stats properly, it'd be appreciated if,
                someone with more experience would take a look.


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                  Hi again C. Bruun!

                  That's an interesting graph, for sure. It's actually looking good from around hand 800, as the blueline (showdown winnings) starts going up from there. It's quite common for the redline (non-showdown) to go down, but for 6-max it can also be slightly +ve too, if you choose good spots to be aggressive. Since your greenline (net$) is above the orange line (All in EV), you've run better than expected when there was a called all in. Maybe you sucked out a few times, or your hands held up when you got all in as a favourite.

                  Now to look at the stats...

                  You're showing some positional awareness, as you're looser in LP than EP, but your VPIP UTG is rather high at 19%. Unless this is just a quirk of variance and you've had great hands in EP very often, I would suggest tightening up in that seat. Most microstakes players are only opening about 10-12% of hands under the gun. A tight range of something like 66+, ATs+, KJs+, QJs, JTs, AJo+ is fairly standard, but you might find all pairs are profitable with your aggressive style. Your VPIP in the SB is highest of all. Again, this could be variance, but generally speaking, the VPIP number for that seat should be somewhere between your VPIP for the CO and BUT, as the SB has the worst position when you see a flop, so it's less profitable. You've been crushing in that position. It's unclear why your SB winnings are so high, but you're 3-betting often, which is good, and I presume you are also stealing from the BB too. Calling in the SB is something you should cut down on. (The gap between your 31% VPIP and 19% PFR indicates rather too much calling).
                  WTSD of 25% is great. It's a little lower than many winning players, and I think this is because of your aggression. You're probably c-betting and barrelling more often than most. At least when you go to showdown you usually have the best hand. (At the start of your sample, you were getting to showdown with the worst hand too often).
                  Your overall 3-bet and AF/Agg are the main reasons why your redline is positive. I wouldn't rush to change your style now that you have both red and blue lines going upwards. I'd just work on tightening up your EP and SB ranges, so that you're not playing pots out of position so often.
                  The graph might look quite different after 10,000 hands, but I'm fairly sure you'll be a long-term winner. You can expect some pretty wild variance (especially if you lose a few flips), but you don't appear to have any of the huge leaks that many beginners have.

                  Keep up the good work!

                  P.S. When you get to 10,000 hands, I'd like to see the stats for attempt to steal, c-bet flop and c-bet turn added to your positional stats.
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                    Once again thanks for the feedback Arty, it's much appreciated.

                    I just installed HM2 Trial before taking these screenshots, and I didn't notice that C-bet and steal weren't shown in the stats.

                    Steal, CBF, CBT. (4401 hands):

                    EDIT: Upper row is SB, number 2 from the bottom is CO, and bottom is BTN.

                    I can indeed confirm that I'm calling too much from the SB, which I didn't notice
                    before you mentioned it.

                    About my UTG range, here is a handchart:

                    EDIT: Tightening up with KQ-KT, QJ-KT as well as the weak aces might be an idea.

                    EDIT2: I can also confirm that I've lost a few flips, as well as won some. I'm willing to take the risk of flipping.

                    I'll definitely give an update when reaching 10.000 hands, I expect that to happen in 4-6 days, depending on how I run.
                    Last edited by C. Bruun; Tue Jul 02, 2013, 10:08 PM.


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                      Steal stats are great!

                      C-bet numbers look great too. I was expecting higher numbers to be honest, but these are fine. It's great that your turn c-bet number is close to your flop c-bet stat. Many players (including me) have a bigger gap, as they are "one and done" with regard to c-betting, and this leads to the redline plummeting. If you're c-betting the flop, you should plan to follow through on the turn if you have any equity, as many villains will call the flop but fold to a second barrel.

                      That hand matrix reveals a great deal of information. Notice that weak aces (A9/A8) are losing money. They simply aren't profitable in early position. The same goes for offsuit Broadways. I don't even open KQo UTG, and KTo is a snap fold.
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                        I'll work on tightening up UTG, and hopefully we can see a change at the 10.000 mark.

                        I'm looking forward to a step up in stakes, though there's still a long way up there.


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                          Just here to give a quick update on the progress.

                          After a session of 1000 hands with what Arty said in mind, I managed to have
                          a surprisingly high bb/100 of 35.16.

                          I was also quite surprised at my steal Pct from the SB, but none the less the steal
                          success is amazing from the SB.

                          Also tighening up UTG has been done, and resulted in quite some winnings compared to my overall stats.
                          The BTN on the other hand was awful in this session due to a few bad beats.
                          Especially one of the hands where I hit a straight on the flop, which was rainbow, yet beaten by a flush on a runner runner.


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                            Positional awareness in this sample is much better and the steal success rate is astounding. It won't always be that high, but you can certainly steal very often against nits in the blinds. Keep up the sterling work!
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                              I think your stats look very good

                              By the way my red line at 2NL looked very similar and it is mostly because too many villains suffer from the 'fold one street too late' syndrome. When you move up it is going to be a bit more difficult since many people start to recognize the need of having a plan for future streets so they will not be just randomly calling or betting and then instantly giving up. A classic example is a villain who calls an open with something like QJo, flop comes 843r you cbet and he calls because he has 2 overs and proceeds to fold any turn which is not Q or J. Easy game. I would advice you though to not get used to it too much

                              Last edited by TommyGun369; Fri Jul 05, 2013, 02:12 AM.



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