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Reg 5NL 6-Max: BB vs BTN [5-betting light]

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  • Reg 5NL 6-Max: BB vs BTN [5-betting light]

    Villain was a TAG reg playing [27/23] [3b 10%] Villain was blind stealing often so I started 3 betting his steals more. I knew from previous history villain was capable of 4 betting light vs wide 3 bet ranges and I was expecting to be played back at at some point. I decided to make a light 5-bet. Villains 4 bet range vs a wide 3 bet range probably looks like [99+, AJs+, AQo+ KQs+] and including the times he might be getting a bit tilted and is 4 betting worse then I think I could get lots of folds and thus making a 5 bet profitable in this particular spot. 5 betting light is a bit nerve racking even for me so some tips on how to deal with light 4 betters in addition to the analysis would be awesome, thanks for reading.

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    Hi Low Rated,

    So villain is opening the button wide, and you're 3-betting him wide because of it. You said you were expecting him to play back at some point... does this mean that until now he's simply been folding? It's important to know how he's going to adjust, either by not opening as wide, flatting in position, or 4-betting more frequently.

    If this is the very first time he's done something different, then I'd just give him credit and release. If he's 4b or folding, then I would prefer to call the raise with ATs instead of 3b as we play very well against his light range and dominate many of the hands he'll fold to our 3b. I'd rather 3b him with A3s that we can't really flat and play profitably. If he's adjusting by flatting in position lighter, then 3-betting is fine with this hand, as we still expect him to call with enough dominated hands.

    As for the 5b, just suggest the sizing is a bit too big, you're going to over half his stack somewhat unnecessarily... we can confront him with an all in or fold situation for like $1.95. Obviously we have to fold to a shove so this saves us a few BB's when this happens. I expect his 6b shove frequency will be the same regardless of this small difference in sizing. And I would size the same with my premiums.
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      Thanks Dave.

      Villain had 4 bet another villain earlier in this session and from my previous history w/ him I know he is able to 4 bet bluff sometimes which I was trying to encourage by widening my 3 bet range. He was raising button about 80% and was mostly folding or calling into my 3 bets until this point.

      My plan to exploit him was to get him to 4 bet (hopefully as a bluff) then depending on the strength of my hand 5 bet or call into his 4 bet with a premium holding and try to make him bluff his stack off fighting for the pot post flop. In this case I was definitely folding to a shove.

      I thought my sizing was good lol but you are right, $1.95 or maybe even less would still create a fold or shove situation. I should have sized based on his stack size as well instead of just the 4 bet size.



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