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2NL - Valuetown

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  • 2NL - Valuetown

    Villain 156 hands 13/7/17 2NL - Welcome to Valuetown Vauletown Ref to ArtySmokesPS article On the Shove on the Turn my only worry was slow played Aces but this type of player would of re-raised pre flop so only the Flush to fade I thought and easy call. SHIP IT

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    Also just to add I was not worried about a straight with the action pre flop and on the flop. To many gaps. I thought only a flush to fade and its nice not to get rivered for a change lol


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      Hi Dodgy!

      This is a great example of betting big for value with your strong hands. I always find it particularly satisfying when I'm doing my best to get all in, and a villain with a worse hand does it for me! Since this pot was multiway (no respect for your raise, lol) and the flop is wet, I like that you went for a full pot bet. You can get action from all overpairs, 78s/44 (OESDs), and flush draws. The ace on the turn is a great card for you, because 2NL villains love floating the flop with random ace high hands, and they won't be able to fold them once they hit. When villain shoves over your PSB, he sometimes just has Ax and is drawing dead, but he can also show up with a worse set, two pairs, hands like A4 (top pair + OESD), and the combo TP+NFD like villain had here. I'm snap-calling this shove and printing money. The river is a bit of a sweat, as villain has about 18% equity, but your monster hand held up here.

      I want to particularly commend you for not slowplaying this hand. Many 2NL players would see they made top set and think "I should slowplay so that I can get some action". Slowplaying here would be idiotic, in my opinion. There is so much VALUE to be gained by betting. Nice hand, well played!
      Bracelet Winner


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        Every time i pot the flop with a set they fold


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          Thank you but its all from your 2NL articles

          I'm starting my Poker from the ground up



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